March 7, 2011

The Light and Truth Within - Jesus the Christ

Jesus Christ, the Light of the World

Forgiveness is not a state you achieve. Forgiveness is a state inherently within you. For Giving is a state you already own, a place within your heart that is For Giving, albeit in some of you, well hidden under layers of debris that clouds your consciousness. It is that cloud that is fast disappearing as you live through the excesses of your day.

I set a primary example of For giveness when I exclaimed, “Father, forgive them for they not know what they do.” Those words have re-echoed down through the centuries, although, at times, misinterpreted to mean that you can impose your will on those whose acts you deem need forgiveness. You have used those words to excuse yourself from various atrocities that you deemed reasonable, all in the name of God. The time to lay down your arms is now at hand. Force is no longer necessary to bring a people around. Their own will power drives them to seek what is right for the growth of their soul. People of every nation that have been kept in bondage are now revolting against the free expression of their will. Spiritual teams assigned to each group are helping lead the charge.

Whether your revolt is on a national basis or on a personal one, you each have a group of spiritual masters who are helping you with your quest. Nothing is trivial when it comes to the pursuit of spiritual growth. A child awakening to the pursuit of spiritual mastery is equally as important as a group of rebels raising up their voices to a tyrant who has kept them in bondage. The best way to assist your world today is to focus your light on those events where others are standing up to atrocities that they tolerated before. Your thoughts of Love, of grace, of support help to illuminate their path and they know which actions to take and how to best take them.

The same holds true for those you love who are struggling with various issues that are clouding the peace and harmony of their life. Send them thoughts of love, of light, of grace and allow the light to work in their best interest. Send them healing energy and release the need to control the outcome. Each person has to find the path of their own power, the power within. You assist when you help them make their own decisions by simply listening to them as they sort out their options. When you feel the need to fix their issue, remember it is not yours to fix. You can lend an ear to help them vocalize what choices they can consider, which leaves them empowered to make their own choices.

Even those who die as youth for a cause they believe in rejoice in spirit for the choice they made. They come back to earth determined to find a better way to live and expand the level of consciousness that exists here. You set yourself up as judge, jury, and executioner whenever you judge another’s actions, no matter how tragic it seems.

We in Spirit applaud your determination to increase the growth of your soul, no matter what the issue you struggle with.

I am here to help with illumination, Jesus the Christ

AuthorAlice Jones