March 8, 2011

Light and Truth Within - Your Angelic Healing Team

Your Angelic Healing Team. (Image from Nesaranews.)

The frustrations in your life can more easily be overcome if you simply take the time to breathe properly. Most of you breathe very shallow breaths, those that only leave the top half of your body nourished. The rest of your body receives scant attention from the breath you pull in. It goes where it needs to go through osmosis, but not with any conscious intent on your part. If you spend a few moments each day simply consciously sending breath to your extremities, you will notice a marked difference in the way you feel.

The first effect is feeling grounded. You will feel your feet fully anchored to the earth, feeling heavy and solid. Your fingertips will tingle, your spine will straighten, and your shoulders will lift.

You will feel that you have a greater sense of purpose in your day. Your thoughts will be more focused and you will not feel as if you are ambling aimlessly in your life; all this as an effect of your attention to your breathing.

We promise you an increase in the measure of joy you feel, because you cannot continue to feel discouraged as the breath flows throughout your cells. Your breath connects you with your Divine purpose, your Source, the Source of all creation. You feel more in alignment with your soul, the casing that exists within your body holding your Spirit Self attached to your body self.

The quickest way to bring a sense of purpose to your life is to breathe deeply whenever you are confronted with a feeling of isolation, frustration, discouragement, confusion, anger, belittlement, betrayal, or any one of the other minions of fear. Fear has such a dominant position in your society, but is being recognized as the control medium that it has been from the inception of your existence into duality. There have always been those who have wanted to control you. But you have been given the greatest gift of all, that of free will. You can overcome any and all efforts of others to keep you from pursuing what is in your highest good.

Do not focus on “what is.” Sometime, “what is” may be enough to crush you. Focus only on what you wish to appear in your life. Keep your thoughts aligned with your higher purpose, the goal that your soul is placing in your heart, no matter how impossible or elusive that goal seems to you.

It is that quiet voice of the Holy Spirit, the Voice for God, that comes to you in the middle of your darkest moments to lift you up and give you hope. Create a space within your heart where you can access that voice for God, a safe haven for yourself, a place where only peace resides. Look around you and see what it calling you. You are never left “homeless.” The voice for God is always with you. You have to learn to listen for its quiet, gentle guidance.

We love you, we honor you, we stand by ready to assist you at all times; you simply have to call on us to help you. As always, you have to ask for our help since we never violate your free will.

Your Angelic Healing Team