March 14, 2011

The Light and Truth Within - Jesus the Christ

Jesus Christ, the Light of the World

Spread the truth of who you are. Many of you are so afraid of speaking the truth of who you are for fear of condemnation from your fellow man. You shrink inside of yourself. You cannot become a “way show er” without shining your light on all around you. Be not afraid that you will be condemned or crucified as I was. That time has passed.

The time of forgiveness is at hand; forgiveness sets your tone here and now and forevermore. Forgive all the events of your past that you feel have harmed you. Forgive all the people who were part of the events where you felt betrayed, in so much pain that you could not cope with another minute of your life, in so much pain that you held your breath because even the act of breathing would cause you to lose control.

You are at the apex of your existence and have been given all of the tools necessary to clear out the debris from your energy field. Become merciful with all the people and events which have crowded in and brought disquiet and disharmony to your life, just as I did. Great is the one who can release the entire memory of pain, for your body will be flooded with a balm so soothing that you will not even be able to recall the minute details that so scarred you before.

The new era you are entering–with the speed of light–is the culmination of all the lifetimes you have lived on this planet. This era births the “thousand years of peace” you have been promised. Of course there is going to be turmoil at the entrance to this era, which stems from the old world order receding from its place of dominance. No one will give up their post willingly, but as the old world order spins out of control, mass confusion results so that no matter what the world leaders say, no matter what the cover-up, nothing will make sense. The populace will doubt the words they hear and will respond positively to the truth for they can sense it in their heart.

No one will believe those of the old world order, especially the youth, who will lead the way to the new world order. Those who have a strong connection to Source have been arriving on the planet in the millions. It is only a matter of time before they take their place as the rightful leaders of the planet, for they bring “right-mindedness,” the sense of connection to the Divine aspect of themselves that has nothing to do with religion. They will not relinquish control to any group who states they have the answer, for each person will check internally with their own guidance to verify where the correct course of action lie.

Whatever confusion you as Lightworkers feel now will soon diminish as you become emboldened by the energies you are being flooded with. Brace yourselves for the magnitude of the energies coming at you. Stay connected to your Divine Self at all times. Stay clear and positive and open to what is being asked of you. You will receive a sense of urgency whenever you must change direction or complete a course of action. Above all, stay calm.

I am part of the Light within, Jesus the Christ