The Light and Truth Within - Higher Self

March 22, 2011

Higher Self - the highest consciousness of our 'Be'-ing - gives each of us wisdom and guidance.

Rainbows appear on the ceiling, floor, and walls in my Living room as the morning sun streams into the room, tiny brilliant spots of light reminds of who we are – streams of light, one color following another. Red: the root chakra, orange: the sacral chakra, yellow: the solar plexus chakra, green: the heart chakra, blue: the throat chakra, indigo: the brow chakra, purple: the crown chakra, the identical colors of the rainbow appear in our energetic body, all emanating from white light. White light, the core of our “Be”-ing. White Light expands within us as we grow in harmony with out Divine Self. Each one of us doing what we know best, what we know how to do, each of us expanding into our Spirit Self with each acknowledgement of the Divine within us. All our experiences bring out the Divine in us, bring the highest attributes of our being to the forefront as we confront our daily tasks. We reach for the best part of ourselves as we connect to the Spirit within us.

Blessed are we for trying to access that part of us which is connected to all other parts of us and to all parts of others. Blessed are we for asking help from the Divine aspects of ourselves, reaching for understanding, reaching for “knowing,” that certainty that defies description. You know when you know what it is that know, but you cannot explain it. Should we no longer allow ourselves to think that we are less than perfect, less than a perfect Son of God, that we are all Sons of God, just as the Master “Be”-ing Christ told us when he walked the Earth? How can we be less?

We come from the Creator God, Mother/Father to us all, genderless and formless. yet here we have form and we insist on applying form and gender on the energy that created us, the energy from whence we came. Is it against our “religion” to insist that energy can have neither gender nor form? Do we need to subscribe to any religion at all to understand spirituality? Is there any religion in Heaven? NO, NO and NO.

Can we truly understand the spiritual nature of Self while we are earth bound? Yes, we can! There are so many who have had dual experiences, those who had “died” and come back to help reveal the true nature of the Spirit world. But better than that, those who have contacted loved ones in Spirit who have had conversations through mediums who are aware that they can communicate with Spirit, lead the fold, open access to the parts of the spiritual realm that was closed off before.

Take the nature of suicide. There are those “religions” who state with such finality of conviction, that if a soul commits suicide, it is forever condemned to eternal punishment – the “hell” they so commonly refer to. There is no such place in Spirit UNLESS YOU CREATE IT. Just as you have here, you bring your free will with you and create whatever “environment” you wish until you tire of it and create another. All suicide victims are met with the same loving kindness that everyone else in Spirit is met with, surrounded by loving Guides, Angels, and Masters. No one is left unattended unless that is the “reality” they create for themselves. Once they tire of it and call on us for help, they are instantly surrounded by all the help they need. And they are given the same loving attention that everyone else receives. They certainly are not shunted and sent to a place of eternal damnation, which absolutely does NOT exist unless they create it.

The challenges to living on the third dimension is so great that, at times, the soul feels overwhelmed and feels it has made a mistake. Just the constriction of living in a dense body is very confining for the soul, many cannot even accept that much – the reason for SIDS, sudden infant death syndrome. The soul changes its mind about wanting to stay confined in the body.

Relax into your Spirit Self daily through meditation. It will make your Earthly journey so much less constrictive.

We love and honor your journey, Your Higher Self 3/22/11