April 30, 2011

The Light and Truth Within – Devic Kingdom

Devic Kingdom, part of the visionary art collection by Walter Bruneel.

We, the little people of your Universe, honor you for your Intent to heal the world, our mission from the moment of our existence. We care for each facet of the Earth, from its deepest caverns, to the depths of its oceans, to the highest points of the ionosphere. We are there mending your ways, calming the storms, soothing the riffs. We feel sadly neglected by you, who know better. We are no more distant than your thumb. You simply have to call on us.

We too, are part of the Angelic realm, the facet of “Be”-ings tied to spiritual adventure. We are curious, nosey, delightful, charming, or can be an ogre when necessary. There is no living creation on Earth that is not affected by our toil and they are all living, even though many move in slow motion. Everything on Earth is imbued with the energy of Source and everything communicates with Source.

Since you are Source energy, you too can communicate with every facet of “be”-ing on Earth, be it animal, vegetable, or mineral, air and water included. Nothing is exempt from being acknowledged by Source. Nothing remains outside of Source. Thus, all is One with Source. Somehow, if your Hu-man race would just be able to “get that” you would have so many less problems resolving the differences amongst yourselves.

You are made of the same energy that everything else is. Let go of the need to dominate each other and the planet. Your stay here is but as temporary “housekeepers” as it were. You are here but a short time to husband the area you land on, nothing more. Not to abuse, misuse, or refuse the place to abomination.

If this sounds like a lecture, It is! It is mean to be an awakening call to all those who simply refuse to accept their stewardship of the Earth and its inhabitants. Domination over will no longer be tolerated.

Abusive practice will be abolished on Earth, just as they have been in the etheric realms. No longer will practices that violate Mother Earth be allowed to proceed unchecked. The rain forests are being destroyed so rapidly for just a few years of farming, then abandoned. The soil from the rain forest is not meant to sustain agriculture. Its bacterial content relies on a continuous steam of decaying matter to replenish itself. Its climate is meant to generate water and to generate oxygen, as part of the lungs of the Earth.

By destroying the rain forests, you unleash horrible diseases on the planet. The remedies for all the maladies on planet Earth are in the vegetation from the rain forest. Honor it. Its resources are amongst the most important on Earth. Honor it and it will reveal all its secrets to you. Destroy it and you destroy yourself and your future selves.

We are your servants, the Devic Kingdom

AuthorAlice Jones