February 7, 2013

Light and Truth Within – Holy Spirit, the Voice for God

Holy Spirit, the Voice for God.

You have reached a new threshhold on your planet. “I count.” My stand means something. The common man is starting to feel empowered now. Before, that feeling of power was only felt by those you had selected and allowed to take leadership roles on the planet.

The common man who felt maligned before is finding a voice. The Voice for God is finding its way into the hearts and minds of those whose self-interest is being surpassed for interest in the common good. This is the difference.

It is a Voice for Unity, a Voice that speaks to All, not just a select few. The Voice for God is within all of us, but only a few have actively sought its counsel. Now, more and more are recognizing the universal principles that It extols: Love, Harmony, Freedom, Peace, Balance, Gratitude, Acceptance, Tolerance, and Trust are not just virtues to be mouthed and forgotten, but instead are virtues to be sunk into the DNA of every cell to be acted on within the structures of the “Be”-ing that you are.

Break free of the chaos that binds you to societies “mores,” to the demands of the herd, in order to hear the calling of your heart. Listen to the Voice within for guidance, for direction, for grace.

The Holy Spirit, the Voice for God

AuthorAlice Jones