Friday, 22 March 2013

Light and Truth Within - Jesus the Christ - Healing continued

Today's lesson is a continuation of what started as a directive from Jesus to help me clear the energy that was affecting my throat and my ability to speak my truth; a remnant of a past life that had been uncovered by an Akashic Reading. The reason I include this healing is to help you realize how simple it is to remove blockages. It is all done with imagery.

Jesus depicted as the Good Shepherd (stained glass at St John's Ashfield)

Now look at the remaining chakras to see if there is any more healing needed up and down the chakra column. (In my case, another core blockage is in my throat, in the 5th chakra, the alignment of my will with God's will) Send the Light of awareness, the light of Universal Life force into the area that is blocked.

(In my case, I do as asked, but this one is more stubborn, the band is slow in releasing. Some geometric forms in black and white appear to be coming out of the band around my throat chakra. They appear to be hex symbols and are related to the past life that is blocking my current life. The black band that contains the hex symbols still seems to be firmly intact. The light from my newly cleared third chakra, the area of personal will, is reaching towards the 5th chakra and the light from my 4th chakra, the heart center, is radiating white gold light combined with green gold light and gathers strength and momentum as it approaches the 5th chakra. It reaches the 5th chakra and totally encases it. The hex symbols are being infused with light until they become unrecognizable, as if they were melting. They turn into recognizable shapes of circles and dots, which do not at all carry the charge that the hex symbols did and eventually disappear. I know this area has been cleared of the energy of that lifetime)

Jesus the Christ