Very little is left of whatever makes you hesitant. All the major obstacles have been cleared out. No longer are you afraid of the masses. No longer do remnants of ancient energies hold you back. No longer are the restrictive features of past lives on your doorstep. You have released almost all of them. No longer are you afraid of people’s opinions controlling your life. You are fearlessly approaching your future as a teacher of God and as a consort to his Will, a vessel for bringing forth the Light of Truth, a vessel for His Word, spread around the world.

Tied to no man, tied to no hurt, tied to no pain, tied to no issues left unattended, you are a bringer of the Way, the Truth and the Light. Step forward in your role as one of God’s Teachers. The Angels, Archangels, and Ascended Masters are all with you. Bring forth what you know, for what you know will save you. The AAA whisper the Divine Message in your Ear. Heed them, heed their advice. Allow each one of them to bring out the best in you for you to share the best with the rest of humanity.

Stand in humbleness for the light of the Christ Consciousness is within you. Shine the light so that all men can see it. Just as you demonstrate to a small group the Truth of who you are, you can do the same to a large group. There is no difference between two, twenty, two hundred, two hundred thousand, two million, or two hundred million. Bring the aspect of your courage forward to assist all men in all nations come to a place of wisdom, of grace, of blessing. 

All remnants of clearing from past, present, or future have already been done by your sheer determination to be a vessel for God’s Word. Your drive and energy to be fully available for God’s work, no matter what, has been your saving grace. The evolution of your soul has completed its journey in this lifetime. The confusion and chaos of victimhood has melted into the clarity of grace and the space that only clarity provides.

The Light of Grace is with you. Use it to help others enable themselves.

Angel of Lightworkers

AuthorAlice Jones