We Bless the wee ones among you and celebrate their newness on this great adventure called life. They will step forward to become the leaders who will heal the world. They will not be held back and thwarted from their determination to heal. They remember their origins and where they came from. They remember their experience with Source. No one can dissuade them.  Behold, they bring forth a new dawn and usher in the thousand years of peace that has been promised you.
Take time to rest, to play, to relax, to read. Play the game of life. Don’t allow it to play you out with the frenzy of its demands upon you. Illness comes to you so that you may change the manner in which you live your life. Relax more in the moment. See the signs that are all around you, guiding you to a new place.  What are your dreams saying? Where is the better part of your nature meant to spend your energies? Laugh at the absurdities of your situation. It is the opposite of what it is supposed to be. The human condition is the same everywhere. Too many obsessions with too many things that are completely irrelevant to your growth as a spiritual “be”-ing.
There is a part of you that knows you are perfect , that you are part of Oneness, that you split off from Source to experience the denseness of 3-D. That part of you knows you belong to a vastness of Universe that comes only to refine your lower nature to bring it to a higher vibration.
Enjoy the new green, the new life that is bursting forth everywhere. Your springtime is a glorious time to connect with the Nature Spirits. They come out of their winter homes to help the new life on Earth sprout, blossom and grow. Bring your vibrations in harmony with theirs, just as the wee ones do.

- Angel of Mercy, A Guiding Angel

AuthorAlice Jones