“Be Still and know I Am your God”
I am you. You are Me.
Vastness is no stranger to you.
You enter it each night when your body is asleep.
Your Spirit escapes into the vastness.
I traipse amongst the stars, the nebula, the galaxies.
I watch as quasars burst forth with brilliant flash of light,
Then silently fade and all is still.
Behold the beauty of the silence
I walk in utter silence, in the Void, in the stillness and look at All and know that it is teeming with Life - My Life.
My Life is Light and so is yours.
The same Light that pulsates inside my Body pulsates inside of yours.
Behold your Life as an extension of Me.
Your Life – the triple-fold flame that lives inside of you.
The Center of My Be-ing consecrating the center of your Be-ing.
Open yourself to the awareness of who you really are
– a part of Me experiencing Myself.


AuthorAlice Jones