February 12, 2011

The Light and Truth - Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln

Let peace and harmony be the two prevailing attitudes that calm the current storms of dissention. Let those who are bold enough to stand up to the governing regimes that corrupt and steal their freedom find the strength within to continue in their journey of protest so that freedom prevails. Let no other fanatical regime replace the one currently in power. Allow for the individual differences of men’s preferences to shine forth, not as a point of contention, but as a point of variation. Allow the input of opposing voices hammer out a constitution that expresses the rights of opposing sides.

Let no man’s singular purpose seize control against the will of the common good but instead let the voice of those who represent the common good be heard above all the clamor for justice. Let no man’s hidden agenda seize control of the imagination of men and sway them away from their direct connection to their own God-given will.

Let the continuing disputes of the ways to govern simply be the means to have all the disharmony aired. Let it not be a permanent division of the best way to govern. Variations of ideas bring flavor. Bring all flavors to the table for they season the stew in a manner that is more pleasing to most except those who prefer the blandest taste. Rake not the last vestige of fertile soil from the plain but instead allow that which you consider manure to season the soil and supply it with the nutrients it needs to make fertile ground.

Even the youngest have something valuable to consider. Do not prevent those from participating because you think, you who are “seasoned” in governing ways, that youth is too impetuous and has nothing to offer because they lack experience. Youth has more uncovered talent than the rest for they are not swayed into discouragement from ideas that cannot possibly work. Theirs is a fresh perspective for they bring ideas forth born of hope and courage, not simply a retread of what has been done in the past.

Change the laws to benefit those of modest means. Now, only the rich have all the laws in their favor. The poor are trampled upon and the lower middle classes are being so strangled with debt that they have no quality of life. Alllow those of modest means a voice into the wilderness of governance. They too have a contribution to make. Let no one voice set himself up as a despot because that position no longer has any sustainable power on earth.

Connect to your Creator, just as I did when I walked your planet. My name was a daily reminder of the faith that Abraham placed in the One who guided him. Just as He provided the guidance needed for self-governance, allow His Voice to be your guiding light. Have no fear of the Voice of the Holy Spirit, the Voice for God.

Praise to all of you who toil so valiantly to bring these messages from the spiritual realm to the general public. We all honor your quest for the Truth that transcends the commonly held truth currently displayed on your planet.

I am your faithful servant, Abraham Lincoln 2/12/11 (Abraham Lincoln’s birthday)

AuthorAlice Jones