July 27, 2013

Light and Truth Within – Jesus

Jesus Christ, the Light of the World

I overcame the grip of the ego for I never forgot my connection to God. When I said, I am the Light of the World, I meant only to show you to shine the Light that you are. I meant to demonstrate to you that you and I are the same.

Relax the grip of the ego on your daily actions and you will step into the realm of peace. Peace is an enigma to the ego, whose domain is fear. Peace brings contentment, solace, comfort, kindness, love, and all the other attributes of which the ego knows nothing. The ego only knows separation and divisiveness. Nothing will bring it to the forefront as fast as strife and conflict.

Work within the realms of peace and co-operation and compromise. Those will bring the realm of Spirit to the forefront. Work with Light to ease the tensions that develop constantly where the ego congregates. Wrap White Light around your self. Send White Light to the hot spots of the world, to the places of dissension.

White Light is your strongest defense. There is nothing stronger than White Light. Light is where you came from. Light is where you return. Send Light to everything you feel needs healing. Start with self.


June 24, 2013

Light and Truth Within - Jesus, the Light of the World

Jesus, the Light of the World

I am the Light of the World. My Light is One with the Light of Source, but so is yours. Do not dim your light to make yourself compatible and acceptable to others who tend to criticize or condemn you. Stand in your own Light and allow them to stand where they wish. Lead them not to a place of resistance but accept them on their terms and allow them to stay where they desire, however you differ from them.

Bring forth your own Light, the Light that shines through out the world and allow them the space to do or not as they desire. Stay clear and calm and focused on that which you desire for your focus will bring you the results you wish to achieve. Stay not in their web.

Like attracts like. Seek out the vibrational planes you aspire to and stay there, one of which is unconditional Love. Seek out the ones who have offered to help you get to the next level. Stay not mired in a plane of your own making, a plane that is from the past, but does not need to be your future.

Have you had moments of joy during your time here? Have you brought joy to others? Have you had moments of peace, of clarity, of understanding, of compassion during your time on this planet? Have you brought peace, clarity, understanding and compassion to others during your time on this planet? If you can answer yes to both sides of the same question, then you have lived an authentic life! You have shared the wisdom inside of you. You have brought a layer of vibration to a higher level than you found it. Bring forth more of the same.

Jesus, the Light of the World

Tuesday, 04 June 2013 Light and Truth Within - Jesus the Christed One

Let your awareness rest in me. Become a blank slate and allow me to imprint on you the power of unconditional Love. Rest your consciousness in your Higher Self to help you bring the softness into your life that will smooth your journey through the rough spots.

Jesus depicted as the Good Shepherd (stained glass at St John's Ashfield)

I bring you time and again to the place deep inside of you where perfect calm resides. Allow me to be your guide. I offer you my hand to hold so that you feel assured you will not falter. You are the children of God, and as such need to be propelled where to step next. You blindly thrash about when left to your own devices and allow all manner of resistance to thwart you. Relax your grip on the ego-directives that dominate your life.

Have no fear that I am not with you every step of the way when you choose me to be your guide. Only you have the power of choice, to choose or not to choose, which is also a choice: the choice not to choose.

You protect every manner of self-sabotage and use it as your excuse for why you cannot achieve the place you wish to occupy on the next level. Stop protesting and place your trust in me to help you. Trust in me. Trust in God. Trust in your Higher Self. You have never left the side of God, but you have taken a detour, a detour into the third dimension.

Jesus, the Christed One

Friday, 26 April 2013 Light and Truth Within - Jesus the Christ

There are many ways to freedom and freeing ourselves from the pain of misbehavior, no matter what that misbehavior looked like, is one of them. In this manner, knowing about past lives is useful, though, in reality, all the lives are being lived at the same time.

Jesus depicted as the Good Shepherd (stained glass at St John's Ashfield)

Thus, being able to forgive your past rearranges your present and alters your future. Letting go of past pain is healing, for all pain is related to a "story" which is related to judgment. Break through the walls that judgment erects around your heart. Your soul knows no judgment but your heart is swamped with myriads of "stories" burying all semblance of love. And this bring pain into your life

Release the judgments and you will release the barriers that block your heart which in turn prevents you from becoming the Spirit "Be"-ing that you in essence are. Judgment alters your vibrational level, keeping you bound into a very tight constricted space.

Place you efforts in aligning with the Christ Consciousness, with that of unconditional love. Love everyone as you would love your self, as you wish others to love you. Keep yourself free of judgment and you keep yourself free of pain and all the accessories that accompany your pain.

Jesus the Christ.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Light and Truth Within - Jesus the Christ - Healing - Pt 3

(This healing is the continuation of Part 1 and 2, March 18 March 22. Only the italicized words are the words of Jesus the Christ.)

Jesus depicted as the Good Shepherd (stained glass at St John's Ashfield)

Another layer of dark bands appear in my throat. The bands look a lot more ominous than the hex symbols. One band has sharp instruments, knife-like objects protruding from the edge that resemble instruments of torture.

Purple light, the light of St. Germaine, floods the entire scene, then magenta light, the light of Metatron. These images represent some enormous, well-hidden baggage I need to clear. The purple and magenta light stays with me, then green light starts to come in, the healing light of St. Raphael.

Still, the black band is not budging, but all the sharp, knife-like instruments are gone. Finally, i lean my head back and pink light, the nurturing light of the Blessed Mother/Divine Feminine comes in. My throat is now fully exposed as white gold light floods the entire 5th chakra. Deep red and magenta light encases my field of vision. I feel my throat clearing as it continues to be fully exposed to the light.

Finally, I hear, It is complete.

I hear something that resembles waves lapping the shore, breaking gently over the sand and a feeling of peace washes over me.

Jesus the Christ

Friday, 22 March 2013

Light and Truth Within - Jesus the Christ - Healing continued

Today's lesson is a continuation of what started as a directive from Jesus to help me clear the energy that was affecting my throat and my ability to speak my truth; a remnant of a past life that had been uncovered by an Akashic Reading. The reason I include this healing is to help you realize how simple it is to remove blockages. It is all done with imagery.

Jesus depicted as the Good Shepherd (stained glass at St John's Ashfield)

Now look at the remaining chakras to see if there is any more healing needed up and down the chakra column. (In my case, another core blockage is in my throat, in the 5th chakra, the alignment of my will with God's will) Send the Light of awareness, the light of Universal Life force into the area that is blocked.

(In my case, I do as asked, but this one is more stubborn, the band is slow in releasing. Some geometric forms in black and white appear to be coming out of the band around my throat chakra. They appear to be hex symbols and are related to the past life that is blocking my current life. The black band that contains the hex symbols still seems to be firmly intact. The light from my newly cleared third chakra, the area of personal will, is reaching towards the 5th chakra and the light from my 4th chakra, the heart center, is radiating white gold light combined with green gold light and gathers strength and momentum as it approaches the 5th chakra. It reaches the 5th chakra and totally encases it. The hex symbols are being infused with light until they become unrecognizable, as if they were melting. They turn into recognizable shapes of circles and dots, which do not at all carry the charge that the hex symbols did and eventually disappear. I know this area has been cleared of the energy of that lifetime)

Jesus the Christ

Monday, 18 March 2013

Light and Truth Within - Jesus the Christ - Healing

"All healing is self healing." Heal yourself before you attempt to heal others. There is no "other," there is only self. (Higher) Self needs no healing, personality self needs plenty.

Jesus depicted as the Good Shepherd (stained glass at St John's Ashfield)

Bring your awareness to your personality self and all the places it is in pain. Let your awareness expand to allow two things to happen. Find the old stagnant energy. Send your awareness into your body until you can find where the old energy is.

Search through your core until you see a place where light is not entering. What looks cloudy, dark and dense? (In my case, the third Chakra, a place that made perfect sense to me. I had had an Akashic Reading which illuminated a lifetime where I and my unborn child were killed because of the contempt of the society I lived at that time - definitely a third Chakra issue.)

Focus on that area until you see and feel light breaking through the congestion, (In my case, I saw a bag of marbles breaking through the bag they were stored in and all the marbles spilling out and flying off into multiple directions.) See the congested area flooded with light and all the heaviness dissipated. The congestion has been removed by the light of the Universal Life Force.

Jesus the Christ

Wednesday, 06 March 2013

Light and Truth Within - Jesus the Christ

Bring forth your gifts to a starving crowd. Bring forth your gifts of love and compassion and mercy to those you feel are closed to any words of Spirit as well as to those who are open to them. No one can come to understanding Spirit's message before their time. Allow each to unfold their own petals at their own speed. Nothing can be forced, nothing can be rushed.

Jesus depicted as the Good Shepherd (stained glass at St John's Ashfield)

I left instruction on how to live in Spirit while in body to the masses. Words of mine were distorted and confused when used by those who sought only worldly power. My words, "My kingdom is not of this world" only confused and perplexed them. Your job now on earth to align both matter into Spirit and Spirit into matter, a grand experiment that has not been tried before.

You are all achieving that Divine Purpose by your thoughts, words, and deed. Your continued alignment with Source brings you to a place of understanding that you could not have achieved on your own. We, your Guides, Teachers, Ascended Masters, Angels, and Archangels bring you the courage and fortitude to keep going.

We bless you. We love you. We honor your courage to keep going in spite of insurmountable odds. We respect your dedication to the Divine purpose and to Spirit's message and admire your resilience in the face of adversity.

Jesus the Christ

AuthorAlice Jones

Monday, 04 March 2013

Light and Truth Within - Jesus the Christ

Jesus depicted as the Good Shepherd (stained glass at St John's Ashfield)

Bring Love to all you do and say and think. Allow judgment to fall by the wayside, on barren ground, where it will wither and die. Judgment is not yours, but belongs to the Father. Those who refuse to judge have a much easier time of traversing through their experiences on Earth. Thoughts of blamelessness will help stabilize your days and bring peace to your night.

Break out from the deep need to qualify and quantify your experiences. They are neither good nor bad, but are just experiences that help you grow in love, in understanding, in compassion, mercy and trust. Let the light of Grace illuminate your path to show how to best allow the experience pass through without the sting of the past.

Just because someone hurt you in the past does not mean you have to carry over that hurt to the present. Sometime, in light of the way they were treated by others, that was the best they could do. Ask to be shown another way of looking at the situation. Ask for the gift of compassion, for it truly is a gift. Love them as I loved you, unconditionally, as I knew the Father loved me, no matter what the external circumstances showed.

Love is all there is.

Jesus the Christ

AuthorAlice Jones

February 26, 2013

Light and Truth Within – Jesus the Christ

Jesus depicted as the Good Shepherd (stained glass at St John's Ashfield)

Go forth and become a fisher of men, my words to Peter, to expand the Good News. In truth, I had as many disciples who were female as were male, but that is another story. The “Church” will soon reveal its secrets. It will have to in order to maintain its position of authority in the world of faith.

Many good works have been done in the name of the Church and many foul deeds, too. A countless number of my teachings were hidden, denied and distorted in the name of concentration of power. Entire communities of worshipers were eliminated as heretics if they dared to challenge the official stance of those in control.

That power base is being strong challenged by forces beyond the restrictive ability of the Church to contain the distortions. All in the name of power.

What is being brought forward is a new type of power: Real Power. Real Power is within you. It is the same for each person. Real Power is not selective, but is available to each one for the taking. Real Power is accessed through understanding your energy “Be”-ing. Real Power is available to all with no exceptions for it is who you really are. Real Power comes from God, the Source of Creation.

Jesus the Christ

March 14, 2011

The Light and Truth Within - Jesus the Christ

Jesus Christ, the Light of the World

Spread the truth of who you are. Many of you are so afraid of speaking the truth of who you are for fear of condemnation from your fellow man. You shrink inside of yourself. You cannot become a “way show er” without shining your light on all around you. Be not afraid that you will be condemned or crucified as I was. That time has passed.

The time of forgiveness is at hand; forgiveness sets your tone here and now and forevermore. Forgive all the events of your past that you feel have harmed you. Forgive all the people who were part of the events where you felt betrayed, in so much pain that you could not cope with another minute of your life, in so much pain that you held your breath because even the act of breathing would cause you to lose control.

You are at the apex of your existence and have been given all of the tools necessary to clear out the debris from your energy field. Become merciful with all the people and events which have crowded in and brought disquiet and disharmony to your life, just as I did. Great is the one who can release the entire memory of pain, for your body will be flooded with a balm so soothing that you will not even be able to recall the minute details that so scarred you before.

The new era you are entering–with the speed of light–is the culmination of all the lifetimes you have lived on this planet. This era births the “thousand years of peace” you have been promised. Of course there is going to be turmoil at the entrance to this era, which stems from the old world order receding from its place of dominance. No one will give up their post willingly, but as the old world order spins out of control, mass confusion results so that no matter what the world leaders say, no matter what the cover-up, nothing will make sense. The populace will doubt the words they hear and will respond positively to the truth for they can sense it in their heart.

No one will believe those of the old world order, especially the youth, who will lead the way to the new world order. Those who have a strong connection to Source have been arriving on the planet in the millions. It is only a matter of time before they take their place as the rightful leaders of the planet, for they bring “right-mindedness,” the sense of connection to the Divine aspect of themselves that has nothing to do with religion. They will not relinquish control to any group who states they have the answer, for each person will check internally with their own guidance to verify where the correct course of action lie.

Whatever confusion you as Lightworkers feel now will soon diminish as you become emboldened by the energies you are being flooded with. Brace yourselves for the magnitude of the energies coming at you. Stay connected to your Divine Self at all times. Stay clear and positive and open to what is being asked of you. You will receive a sense of urgency whenever you must change direction or complete a course of action. Above all, stay calm.

I am part of the Light within, Jesus the Christ

March 7, 2011

The Light and Truth Within - Jesus the Christ

Jesus Christ, the Light of the World

Forgiveness is not a state you achieve. Forgiveness is a state inherently within you. For Giving is a state you already own, a place within your heart that is For Giving, albeit in some of you, well hidden under layers of debris that clouds your consciousness. It is that cloud that is fast disappearing as you live through the excesses of your day.

I set a primary example of For giveness when I exclaimed, “Father, forgive them for they not know what they do.” Those words have re-echoed down through the centuries, although, at times, misinterpreted to mean that you can impose your will on those whose acts you deem need forgiveness. You have used those words to excuse yourself from various atrocities that you deemed reasonable, all in the name of God. The time to lay down your arms is now at hand. Force is no longer necessary to bring a people around. Their own will power drives them to seek what is right for the growth of their soul. People of every nation that have been kept in bondage are now revolting against the free expression of their will. Spiritual teams assigned to each group are helping lead the charge.

Whether your revolt is on a national basis or on a personal one, you each have a group of spiritual masters who are helping you with your quest. Nothing is trivial when it comes to the pursuit of spiritual growth. A child awakening to the pursuit of spiritual mastery is equally as important as a group of rebels raising up their voices to a tyrant who has kept them in bondage. The best way to assist your world today is to focus your light on those events where others are standing up to atrocities that they tolerated before. Your thoughts of Love, of grace, of support help to illuminate their path and they know which actions to take and how to best take them.

The same holds true for those you love who are struggling with various issues that are clouding the peace and harmony of their life. Send them thoughts of love, of light, of grace and allow the light to work in their best interest. Send them healing energy and release the need to control the outcome. Each person has to find the path of their own power, the power within. You assist when you help them make their own decisions by simply listening to them as they sort out their options. When you feel the need to fix their issue, remember it is not yours to fix. You can lend an ear to help them vocalize what choices they can consider, which leaves them empowered to make their own choices.

Even those who die as youth for a cause they believe in rejoice in spirit for the choice they made. They come back to earth determined to find a better way to live and expand the level of consciousness that exists here. You set yourself up as judge, jury, and executioner whenever you judge another’s actions, no matter how tragic it seems.

We in Spirit applaud your determination to increase the growth of your soul, no matter what the issue you struggle with.

I am here to help with illumination, Jesus the Christ

AuthorAlice Jones

February 20, 2011

The Light and Truth Within - Jesus the Christed One

Jesus Christ, the Light of the World

Allow the blessings, the shower of Grace to flow down on yourself. Don’t make it a tedious journey. You have the power to make this the most exciting ride of your life. We are here to support your journey, to help you make it into the vision you set for yourself. You decide – only you. Your joy and your bliss increase as you align with the highest aspects of your “Be”-ing.

When you recognize that you and God are One, no “thing” is impossible to you. Just as Sai Baba answered the question “Are you God?” with “Yes, I am, and so are you. Only I know it and you doubt it,” just as I stated that I never forgot my connection to the Father, that the Father and I were one, so must you recognize that relationship to have perfect freedom.

Your world is awakening, not to fanaticism, but to the truth within. Men are no longer content to be controlled, to be told that they are not to enjoy the benefits of a full Spiritual life because they are uncleansed or unworthy. You are never unworthy to enjoy the fruits of the Spirit. They are yours for the taking. You claim your birthright! You do not wait for someone else to give it to you. Recognize the fullness of who you are and all is given you. The brightest jewels on earth do not gleam as brightly as you do.

Rest when you need to rest. Be active and fully present in your engagements, whether they be family, social, recreational, or work related. Allow yourself the luxury of being fully present in the NOW when you engage in the tasks you abhor as well as those you love. Call on our help when you meet inner resistance to something you find distasteful. We rush in with assistance only when asked. Recognize your need to bring balance into your life. Your retreat from spiritual development is at an end.

The gifts of the Holy Spirit are opening passage ways throughout your Crown, connecting the dots of light to help you maintain your alignment with Spirit. Allow no obstacle to keep you from your journey into Light. The darkness has prevailed too long on this planet. The Earth is a jewel in this quadrant of the galaxy. Those who bring more light to the planet will prevail against those who seek to encase it into darkness. The light spreading across the universe into the macrocosm also spreads into the most minute particles of your “Be”-ing into the microcosm. Allow the spread of the light to help you enjoy the journey.

Love can never the threatened. Only Love exists. You are that Love. Enjoy the ride.

I Am the Christed One, Jesus/Sananda/the Christ Consciousness 2/20/11