Friday, 01 March 2013

Light and Truth Within - Blessed Mother

Leave all your sorrows at my feet. I am here to help you become the "Be"-ing you signed up to become before you incarnated. It will take Divine humility to help you take humanity to the next level of understanding. Ask for the Light of Grace to shift down through the ether into the crowns of all you care about.

Leave no area unturned. You have been plowing the fields for decades to have fertile ground upon which to sow the seeds of Love. The Angels, Archangel, and Ascended Masters are your allies in this purpose.

The help of the Divine allows for the expansion of consciousness. All will feel it, but some will choose to ignore it. That is their choice. Each responds in his or her own time Each person brings forth only the level that s/he chooses.

Some clearly are bursting to achieve higher and higher states of consciousness, bordering upon mysticism, which is entirely possible. Others choose to stay where they are. Bring no judgment to their choices. Sow your seeds of Love. They will grow and flower and nourish those who are ready.

Blessed Mother

AuthorAlice Jones
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