February 11, 2013

Light and Truth Within – Cosmic Brotherhood of White Light

Cosmic Brotherhood of White Light. Image by <a href="http://www.awakenvisions.com">Daniel B. Holeman</a>.

Your thoughts are birthing new stars in an ever expanding galaxy in an ever expanding Universe. If you completely comprehended that all your thoughts “go somewhere” you would think only positive thoughts for you would only wish to see positive results.

The gasses that fill up most of the “empty space” of the universe are just as empty as you are. You are mainly empty space and so is the cosmos. However, that space is filled with the embryos of your thoughts that will eventually congeal together to become the next star cluster, the next planet, the next moon, the next comet, the next astron. You never realized that you were so powerful, that it is your thought forms that expand the Universe.

Many other beings create consciously. At this moment, you still create unconsciously. Until you recognize your own power as creator “Be”-ings, that will remain so. The Light workers have chosen to come here to wake you up.

Fill your effort with positive energy, for that is what you will create in your life and that is what you will teach others to create.

Cosmic Brotherhood of White Light

The Light and Truth Within - St. Raphael and the Cosmic Brotherhood of White Light

March 25, 2011

Bartolomé Esteban Murillo's painting of Saint Raphael the Archangel.

I am in charge of your self-examination. You no longer have the luxury of waiting eons to see the “results” of your choices. Your thoughts are being made manifest instantly. What you think is what you experience while in Spirit. What you think is what you will experience while in form. Expect no other process. This is the Law of Attraction manifesting your thoughts.

See the process as part of the whole of what you are, a “Be”-ing in Spirit having a human experience. Allow nothing to stand in the way of what you wish to manifest. Allow no thoughts to keep you from your desires. Let no consideration of another’s feelings about what you wish for yourself to influence you. You are here to fulfill your own agenda, not that of someone else.

Whatever hurts you to the quick is what is trapped within you. Feelings that may have been unresolved for centuries are coming to the surface to be healed. No longer will you be allowed to stuff negative emotions back into your body with no consequence in this lifetime. Every ache and pain means something. Examine how you feel to reveal what lurks beneath the surface, what is trapped emotionally within your body. Your body of itself is neutral and is also a self-healing mechanism.

No teacher of yours, regardless of what form they take–parent, spouse, significant other, friend, neighbor, or co-worker—can supplant the Voice of the Holy Spirit within you. Your Direct Connection to God (DC to G) is the guiding principle of your life. Allow the Voice within to guide you to your next endeavor.

Some of you mystify others with your choices, choices that those who love you feel are reckless and uncaring about your future. No longer can you keep from making the choices that magnify your soul. By allowing the Voice of the Holy Spirit within, the Voice for God to lead you, you cement your relationship to the Highest aspect of your “Be”-ing, that which is the God-head within. You heal all the broken bits of you that were once strewn across the cosmos; you bring back the soul fragments scattered amongst planetary systems elsewhere.

You now journey into the Wholeness of ONE. We ask nothing more of you than the courage to follow your own internal guidance, NO MATTER WHAT!

We honor your process, your challenges, and stand ready to give you all the support you need. We bless the misgivings you may have along the way and ask for a special infusion of Grace to assist you in the endeavors you have chosen.

We stand in the Light of Grace with you, The Cosmic Brotherhood of White Light 3/25/11

February 17, 2011

The Light and Truth Within - The Cosmic Brotherhood of White Light

Cosmic Brotherhood of White Light. Image by Daniel B. Holeman.

Pray with as much sincerity as you can gather together that this dimness of light be lifted from the consciousness of man, that the veil of darkness that has kept man enslaved be seen for what it is – a shadow of darkness that has no substance. Let go of all the fears that bind you: fear of retribution, fear of persecution, fear of being belittled, fear of imprisonment, fear of crucifixion. Ask that your cells be cleaned of any debris of energetic matter that still does not want to leave, for these are stubborn remnants of eons past.

Ask for the White light to surround you at all times as the guiding force in your life. White light, or its companions, gold light of the Christ Consciousness, peach light of Compassion, green light of Healing, blue light of Divine truth, indigo light of Divine consciousness, purple light of the Transformational flame, all have their place in your development.

Do not be attached to the outcome. Do not put your conditions, requirements, or “laws” into place and expect us to comply with your wishes. You have everything you need inside of you, no exceptions. Some of you are more “open” to the suggestions of Spirit. We commend you for that and have you on track to reach the maximum number of people.

The Cosmos awaits your command. Bring forth the teachers of mankind. The will of God is within each of you to access as you determine. “Ask and you shall receive,” is in your Bible, a mandate from the spiritual realm. Ask in prayer for the help you need. No one will violate your free will. Meditation and contemplation will guide you to the will of God, to Spirit’s mind. Align with your Spirit mind daily through your prayers to achieve the progress many of you so desire. Bring humor and joy into your life by staying in the NOW, in the flow. Whenever you feel yourself drifting away, ask for grace and blessings on all, for the mass consciousness is changing and moving into paradigms once thought impossible. Call upon your Angels and Guides anytime you are troubled or conflicted. Give your best effort every single day, but stop pushing yourself to the brink of exhaustion.

Include Mother Earth in your prayers and invocations. She sustains your life. Your Cosmic Mind knows the sacredness of where you live, your ego mind barely accepts it. All your excuses come from your ego mind which throws stumbling blocks in your way to keep you from advancing in Spiritual prowess. It fears it demise, so will do whatever it takes to keep you small and confused.

We bless your efforts to bring peace and harmony where there has been disruption and violence before.

We are your helpers, The Cosmic Brotherhood of White Light