Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Light and Truth Within - Mother Earth

These times are different for they reflect the blending of the dimensions. The third dimension is moving into the 5th dimension, having already passed through the fourth dimension:time.The distinctions that identify the third dimension are softening. No longer are the rules so rigidly applied that you appear to crack if you do not follow them. The hearts of men are opening to allow other possibilities.

Earth from space, NASA image based on combination of data from two satellites.

The third dimension is one of polar opposites. The dimension of duality likes to cite extremes: extremes are hot or cold, but there is a third possibility - warm. No longer can views be seen as left or right: there is also the middle. Conservation is not a cause for the addle minded. Even five-year old children know about the benefits of recycling and composting.

Watch the movement of energy across the planet. Has the concept of recycling caught on in the rest of the world? How are countries around the world treating their garbage? Some countries are finding ways to construct wall with plastic bottles sandwiched between supports made of wood, then filled in with concrete. There is no need for insulation in a country where the temperatures are mild.

Heat is generated in your body when your vibrations are sped up. Those who are perpetually cold feel less heat than those who are using their bodies to bring in higher energies. Watch how you feel.

Mother Earth