Thursday, 07 March 2013

Light and Truth Within - Holy Spirit, the Voice for God

You will emerge out of this last crisis of faith and emerge even stronger than before. Whatever is placed before you comes only when you are ready for it.

Clearing occurs when you are ready to face issues that you were not willing to face before, issues you buried deep inside of you. When your personal will is strong enough, the issues surface in order for you to clear them. Until then, they stay buried deep within you. Clearing is the most important thing you can do for yourself since clearing paves the way for the readjustment of your vibrational field. What was old and sluggish and clogged energy becomes new and vibrant and free-flowing.

Clearing becomes a way of life once you learn about your energy body. Blame not the mistakes of the past, for that is all they ever were, mistakes. Those mistakes led you to a place of forgiveness that surfaced to become the new pattern for your life.

Had you not had the experience involving forgiveness, you simply could not be as effective as you are today. Neither would you be interested in doing what you do today. You would have had too many distractions. Forgiveness was your path to wisdom.

Holy Spirit, the Voice for God

February 20, 2013

Light and Truth Within – Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit, the Voice for God.

The quest for freedom lives inside the heart and mind of each man as one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. It is an eternal quest, not given to power seekers only. It is a personal quest, one inherent within the genes of all men. It resides deeper than your DNA, within the very fabric of the Universe you were created from.

The freedom to live your life in a peaceful manner is a Point in your Crown, the place within you where the Gifts of the Holy Spirit reside. All men are created equal. They each are endowed with the same gifts, but each person has the right to choose the opportunities to express these gifts depending upon the karmic path they have chosen for themselves. Those coming to the planet locked up within their own psyche, such as those with severe mental disabilities, may have chosen that path to be an instrument for the cosmic learning of someone else. They may be here only to expand the virtues of another, virtues such as compassion, mercy, love, understanding, tolerance, patience, and fortitude.

No life is lived in total isolation from another. Some lives are meant to be used for the greater good of the whole. A soul group may choose to incarnate, although from seemingly disparate sources, to effect one purpose. Those souls, while in Spirit, may have chosen one issue that they wished to change while on earth.

Look around you. You will be able to identify them. It becomes painfully obvious what needs to be changed around you. See who has chosen to become the “sacrificial lamb” to effect that change.

Holy Spirit

February 7, 2013

Light and Truth Within – Holy Spirit, the Voice for God

Holy Spirit, the Voice for God.

You have reached a new threshhold on your planet. “I count.” My stand means something. The common man is starting to feel empowered now. Before, that feeling of power was only felt by those you had selected and allowed to take leadership roles on the planet.

The common man who felt maligned before is finding a voice. The Voice for God is finding its way into the hearts and minds of those whose self-interest is being surpassed for interest in the common good. This is the difference.

It is a Voice for Unity, a Voice that speaks to All, not just a select few. The Voice for God is within all of us, but only a few have actively sought its counsel. Now, more and more are recognizing the universal principles that It extols: Love, Harmony, Freedom, Peace, Balance, Gratitude, Acceptance, Tolerance, and Trust are not just virtues to be mouthed and forgotten, but instead are virtues to be sunk into the DNA of every cell to be acted on within the structures of the “Be”-ing that you are.

Break free of the chaos that binds you to societies “mores,” to the demands of the herd, in order to hear the calling of your heart. Listen to the Voice within for guidance, for direction, for grace.

The Holy Spirit, the Voice for God

AuthorAlice Jones

February 2, 2013

Light and Truth Within – Holy Spirit, Voice for God

Holy Spirit, the Voice for God.

You are part of the “Great Experiment.” Once you chose the idea of the separation, the “holy Instant” was created, also called the Voice for God. The Voice for God was created so that you would never be alone, never be disconnected from your Source. You just think you are.

Never has there been a greater experiment than the one you are currently partaking in. You are attempting to raise “matter” to the vibration of Spirit, yet still retain the best of the physical characteristics of what you engage in – a noble experiment indeed.

Place not your trust in all the ideologies that bombard you for their attention. Place your trust within, for the Voice for God exists within yourself. It is always there, always accessible, always present. It never leaves you, never lets you down. How do you access it? In the silence, in meditation, in contemplation, in daydreaming, in focus and concentration on the Spirit within.

Never before has your planet been bombarded with the intensity of light that exists now. Never before have the people of your planet felt as empowered as they do now. This is a feeling that is being carried within the hearts and minds of even the least among you.

The Holy Spirit, the Voice for God

March 10, 2011

The Light and Truth Within - Holy Spirit, the Voice for God

Healing comes in many forms. There is the healing of the body, to be sure, but there is also a healing of the mind and a healing of the spirit, which is aligned with the healing of the emotions.

Those of you who are aware know that the body is a self-healing mechanism. Others have to rely on artificial means: drugs and surgery. Know that what you believe in is what is going to work for you. Those of you who believe in alternative solutions: energy healing in all its forms, prayers, homeopathy, all non-invasive means, will achieve results through these methods. Those of you who believe in medication and surgery will achieve results through these methods. The body but displays the symptoms of what the mind has wrought. Of itself, it is neutral.

The difficulty you encounter in the healing of the mind is that you have two minds within you: ego mind and Spirit mind. The ego mind, what most of humanity is aligned with, needs to be quieted and calmed. At its worst, the ego mind takes you off on tangents that presents the worst case scenarios and call it fact. All perception comes from the ego and each person’s perception is going to vary according to their own filters. Thus, there will be scant agreement amongst the ego minds of the world as to which way is correct, but there will be tremendous chaos.

The Spirit mind is connected to Source and needs no healing, it simply needs to be heard. Spirit mind is that gentle quiet voice within that champions every positive action it presents to you. You have to be calm to hear it. Even though calmness is not an attitude common to most of you, it is an attitude that can be cultivated. Spirit mind never leaves you. Just as the eye of the hurricane exists in the center of the storm, Spirit mind can always be accessed in the center of your heart. This is where the Holy Spirit, the Voice for God lives, right in the center of your heart exactly in the same place where the three-fold flame lives that connects you to Source.

To access your Spirit mind, gently calm and quiet yourself. Visualize and place yourself just under the surface of the ocean and allow your thoughts to filter through the water deeper and deeper until you are sitting on the bottom of the ocean floor. This will take some time, so enjoy the descent downwards. Calmly stay there until a door appears, the door to the center of your heart. Approach the door and open it. Inside, in the center of the chamber, will be an altar and upon the altar sits the living three-fold flame that connects you to Source. Within this chamber, deep within the center of your heart, lives the Holy Spirit, the Voice for God. Visualize the Holy Spirit, the Voice for God, as a dove, if that is comforting to you. Otherwise, simply look at the three-fold flame and ask the questions that have been turning your life upside down and listen for the message that will be forthcoming. Record the answers you hear. When your questions are finished, say a short prayer of gratitude to the three-fold flame, turn around and approach the door you entered. Open the door, visualize yourself ascending to the surface from the bottom of the ocean and gently come back to your physical reality.

You can return here anytime you wish. Repeat this visualization meditation daily until you feel a connection to the Holy Spirit, the Voice for God, so strongly that you can hear the Voice throughout your day.

With Love and Light,

The Holy Spirit, the Voice for God