Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Light and Truth Within - Muse of Writing

Write about your experiences. Write about that which you know in the depth of your heart. Write about that which puzzles you. Just write. Write daily to keep the flow going. Do not think, just write. Do not go into a place of remorse, regret or recrimination. Just write.

Kiss of the Muse, (1859-60) by Paul Cezanne

Have a pad of paper close to you at all times, whether in a briefcase, on a desk, in a purse, or on a night stand. They are all relevant in capturing fleeting thoughts that come through you. Just write. Know that your Spirit guides are consistently with you encouraging you to capture that which is inside of you.

Have no fear that you will be persecuted for your writing. Have no fear for that time is past. Those who disagree with you today are entitled to their opinion just as you are entitled to yours. They are of one mindset. You are of another. Each person comes from his or her own perspective based on his or her own perception. And we all know where perception comes from.

Your journey is to educate the masses that have ears and are open to hear a new way of thinking, the way of Oneness. Not all are ready to hear your message, but those who are will be nourished to the depths of their soul. Be there for them.

Muse of Writing.

AuthorAlice Jones