April 4, 2011

The Light and Truth Within - Your Karmic Board

Karmic Board

Can you raise your vibration to hold all the higher vibrations and still maintain your physical body in the three dimensional world? That is the question on the table NOW. A new thought is forming: can you raise matter into Spirit and sink Spirit into matter? That has never been done before with any degree of success. The density of the third dimension has been too great. There have been individuals who have overridden the density of matter, but not the masses.

Mass consciousness is changing. The youth have propelled it forward to states unknown to this planet before. Each baby arriving is not only more enlightened than the last, but also more determined than the last to take its rightful place in the elevation of the whole. That is evident everywhere. The green movement has captured the imagination of five-year old children. Even they feel determined to do their part, for they cherish the planet as an extension of themselves and they know who they are: an extension of Source experiencing Itself. Yes, restless spirits roam the planet, but they are leaving en masse to other places more suitable to their vibration.

The Earth, in all its environs, is elevating itself. No portion is left unaffected. Your bodies feel so unsettled right now for they are part of her environ. As you shift, she shifts; as she shifts, you shift. Each time there is a rearranging of self. What no longer suits you leaves, but that vacuum fills with light. It is within the split second of vacancy and filling that you feel bewildered. This would be barely noticeable, except that you have over three trillion cells to shift. So, you are definitely going to feel “something.” That sense of loss will soon feel euphoric, if it has not already, as you realign your cells to fill with Bliss.

No matter what role you have come to play, only when you do play it with great love will it feel right. Nothing else will fit. Love is the vibration you came from. Only love will matter here as it does in the higher dimensions. Love is what you came from. “Teach only love, for that is what you are.” Nothing else matters.

We bless your journey, your Karmic Board

AuthorAlice Jones

April 1, 2011

The Light and Truth Within – the Karmic Board

Karmic Board

If we bring forth what we know with “certain purpose, high resolve and happy confidence” we will save our self a lifetime of uncertainty where we do not feel settled inside of our “Be”-ing. When we are not following our soul contract, there is always something within us that is not quite right, like a shoe that may be very well designed, but pinches our big left toe or slips off our foot. The fit is not perfect.

“If you bring forth what you know, what you know will save you. If you do not bring forth what you know, what you know will destroy you.” (the Gnostic Gospel of St. Thomas) Sounds a little harsh, but upon examination, the word “destroy” could be stated to “leave you forever unfulfilled,” a feeling that you just don’t have it right, no matter what you do and how well you do it. And the universe does not support your endeavors. You are on your own pursuing your ego dreams of what it thinks is right for you. But there is a hollowness inside of you, a place where no amount of busy-ness can satiate.

What is your soul contract? How do you know what your soul contract is? What makes your heart sing? What do you know instinctively that makes you happy? What, from your earliest memories, did you gravitate towards? Is your soul contract changing your life? Are you being asked to evolve into a higher state of “Be”-ing? Are you being asked to give up a cushy job in order to feed the poor? The poor have many faces. There are more “poor in Spirit” than there are poor in form. Are you being asked to feed the starving poor spiritual food? Is your love and enthusiasm for a certain subject the very thing that needs to be shared? It is enthusiasm that brings you closer to God – “En theo” – Latin for “in Spirit.”

We, your Karmic Board, know what is right for you and we gently prod you to guide you towards that end. We never lose sight of what you chose for yourself and continue to nudge you in that direction. By sharing what you know and love, you get people around you who know and love the same. Even when stumbling blocks are placed in your way, that is only a test of your resolve to pursue your soul contract. If your soul contract is to become your Higher Self in this lifetime – and many of you are — than any obstacle placed in your direction should only strengthen your resolve to move forward and upward. It only makes sense to go along with what you instinctively know is right for you, for that puts you “in the flow” and makes your life so much easier than it has been till now. As you align with your soul contract, all obstacles will fall away.

This is the time of cleansing. Whatever has impeded the growth of the planet is now being sloughed off. All impediments are being removed through her efforts to place herself into the same pristine condition from whence she came. And you are part of that process. Your alignment with your Higher Self is her alignment with her Higher Self.

We love you and honor your effort. The Karmic Board