The Light and Truth Within – St. Raphael

March 24, 2011

Bartolomé Esteban Murillo's painting of Saint Raphael the Archangel.

(Today’s channeling continued the theme of my A Course In Miracles Workbook Lesson # 199, “I am not a body. I am free.”)

I Am free as God created me. I Am free to seek pursuits that allow my Spirit to grow exponentially through my connection to the Divine.

I Am free to hear the Voice of Spirit while in body, to bring forth the gifts of the Holy Spirit: patience, humility, love, compassion, benevolent feelings all towards my fellow man, no matter who, no matter what the circumstances of their existence.

I Am free from restrictions of bias, of judgment, of ridicule, of criticism, no matter what my ego mind thinks of the person or situation.

I Am free to spread the Light of Grace to all mankind, to help illuminate their path toward freedom, even when their path is strewn with misconceptions placed there by their ego mind.

I Am free to find the best in humankind, to look with benevolence on all the foibles that man thrusts upon themselves and on each other. No matter what their illusions are, they, too, are God.

I Am free to find my own way, through my assorted illusions, some larger, some smaller, that cause me to stumble, free to pick myself up to start again on my journey towards “knowing.”

I Am free to pick through the assorted teachings that religions have brought forth, to pick and choose that which serves the light I Am. Religions are meant to serve as a guide, not as the ultimate authority. The God within is the ultimate authority. I must eventually choose what honors my life path.

I AM free to believe or not in my destiny as a “Be”-ing who lives forever, for truly, there is no death. I simply shed the vehicle through which my soul journeys for a short time through infinity.

I Am free to explore other planes of existence, which I do nightly as my soul releases from my body as I sleep; free to traipse throughout the cosmos, deciding what my next “fit” will be. The cosmos offers me multiple opportunities for the growth of my soul. I choose whether or not to participate.

I Am free to decide what role to take each time I step out of the realm of Spirit. It is always my choice whether to play the role of the perpetrator or the victim. I decide, no one else. My Council of Twelve helps guide me towards my next role according to the plan I have developed for myself.

I Am free to choose whether or not I will ever again incarnate in a dense dimension while I reside in Spirit form. It is always my choice to leave the Spirit realm. I Am Spirit having a human experience if and when I choose to have one.

I Am, I Am, I Am your loving guide, St. Raphael, the Healer of God 3/24/11