Light and Truth Within – St. Raphael Bartolomé Esteban Murillo's painting of Saint Raphael the Archangel.

Healing is the Way, the Truth and the Light. You heal yourself. You bring about what you think about. There is no escape from the consequences of your thoughts. You bring justification to all manner of errant thoughts and self-righteousness about the direction of your life. You are standing still in the gestation of your own making.

Let go of any thoughts that are not for your Highest Good, even if those thoughts bring discomfort to your ego-self. Your Highest Good stands alone as the maker of your reality if you allow it.

As always, you have the free will to choose. You can choose the path of self-destruction as easily as the path of Self-Construction. It is always up to you to lessen your burden when you choose to follow the Light.

Bring gaiety into your life. Look around you for all the events that cost you nothing except your time. Not everything has to be looked upon so seriously. Leave time for laughter, for frivolity, for following your bliss, if only for the day.

St. Raphael

July 27, 2013

Light and Truth Within – Jesus

Jesus Christ, the Light of the World

I overcame the grip of the ego for I never forgot my connection to God. When I said, I am the Light of the World, I meant only to show you to shine the Light that you are. I meant to demonstrate to you that you and I are the same.

Relax the grip of the ego on your daily actions and you will step into the realm of peace. Peace is an enigma to the ego, whose domain is fear. Peace brings contentment, solace, comfort, kindness, love, and all the other attributes of which the ego knows nothing. The ego only knows separation and divisiveness. Nothing will bring it to the forefront as fast as strife and conflict.

Work within the realms of peace and co-operation and compromise. Those will bring the realm of Spirit to the forefront. Work with Light to ease the tensions that develop constantly where the ego congregates. Wrap White Light around your self. Send White Light to the hot spots of the world, to the places of dissension.

White Light is your strongest defense. There is nothing stronger than White Light. Light is where you came from. Light is where you return. Send Light to everything you feel needs healing. Start with self.


Thursday, 09 May 2013 Light and Truth Within - St. Michael

Remove fear and doubt from your energy "Be-"ing so that you become one with the Divine Light. Pray not only for the strength of others to survive their challenges, but also for the strength of self to do so.

Archangel St. Michael, painted by Guido Reni.

Bring forth what you know with all the confidence and grace that your soul brings you. The Light of Grace lights your path. Hesitate not at the criticism of others who disagree with you. There will always be the critics who find fault, no matter what.

Consider the Source only. Your path was defined long before you arrived here. Not only are you destined to be amongst the teachers of God, but to do so on a massive scale.

Your path is not for the fainthearted. Utilize all the healing energies I bring you through the Sword of Truth. I embolden you with the exquisite blue light that blazes before you. Explain not to those who question why you choose to do what you do. Rely on on your Higher Self. That is the Guide you must lean on.

You are becoming your own Higher Self. Trust it.

St. Michael

February 8, 2013

Light and Truth Within – Archangel Ariel

Archangel Ariel, the Lion of God.

Allow only that which serves the greatest good, that which serves the Light, to come forward from your actions. Your thoughts precede your actions.

Your attempts to clear yourself from past constrictions are admirable. You each have such a great capacity to do good. Your actions, when combined with your Higher Self, can indeed move mountains, for they have moved men to give up rigidly held beliefs that have enshrouded your planet for centuries. Those beliefs have crystallized within your cells to allow no new way of thinking and acting. “We do it this way because this is what has always been done.”

Now, the thought is much more empowering: Let us find a new way to approach this problem that is for the benefit of all. Let us compromise our way for the highest good. Let us feel the pulse of the nation and move along the line of that mood to increase the harmony that is waiting for all of us. Let us not take for granted that the disgruntled need to be trampled on, but let us listen their dissension, so that they, too, feel they have been heard. Let us work with Light in all circumstances, for Light is what we came from and Light is what we shall return to.

Let us use only the force of Love to light the way for the new beginning, the new consciousness which is coming to the planet in waves of Light, that, once set in motion, cannot be stopped or altered. Let us not defile those who disagree with us, but instead allow them to voice their criticism, so that they, too, can feel a part of this glorious journey that we and Mother Earth are on.

Amen. Namaste,

Archangel Ariel

February 2, 2013

Light and Truth Within – Holy Spirit, Voice for God

Holy Spirit, the Voice for God.

You are part of the “Great Experiment.” Once you chose the idea of the separation, the “holy Instant” was created, also called the Voice for God. The Voice for God was created so that you would never be alone, never be disconnected from your Source. You just think you are.

Never has there been a greater experiment than the one you are currently partaking in. You are attempting to raise “matter” to the vibration of Spirit, yet still retain the best of the physical characteristics of what you engage in – a noble experiment indeed.

Place not your trust in all the ideologies that bombard you for their attention. Place your trust within, for the Voice for God exists within yourself. It is always there, always accessible, always present. It never leaves you, never lets you down. How do you access it? In the silence, in meditation, in contemplation, in daydreaming, in focus and concentration on the Spirit within.

Never before has your planet been bombarded with the intensity of light that exists now. Never before have the people of your planet felt as empowered as they do now. This is a feeling that is being carried within the hearts and minds of even the least among you.

The Holy Spirit, the Voice for God

February 18, 2011

The Light and Truth Within - Angelic Team & Ascended Master Kuthumi

From the Angelic Healing Team

Your Angelic Healing Team. (Image from Nesaranews.)

Support Mother Earth in all you do. She needs to be held in the highest esteem by all of you. Hers is sacred ground. Let nothing keep you from your mission to heal the wounds past generations have inflicted on her. Those who continue to abuse her in the present need to be brought to the Light. They run their insidious programs under cover of secrecy, the darkness that blankets what they do. Send your consciousness to their outposts and bring forth and illuminate what they are doing. The darkness hides all manner of abuse for secrecy is a minion of darkness.

We are the protectors of the Earth, The Angelic Team

From Ascended Master Kuthumi

Ascended Master Kuthumi

No man will allow him/herself to be cowed as they had been in lifetimes past. The eternal flame burns brightly in the hearts of men where it was just a dim presence before. All the uprisings now are influencing those in other countries who have been oppressed for so long. They seek to be released from the imprisonment they have been under. All is self-imposed. What they allowed then, no longer is going to be tolerated. There is a force within that is coming forth with the same energy a volcano spews out its lava. Men are regurgitating life-times of oppression that they tolerated before. All is part of the Divine plan; all will lead to the fulfillment of the prophecy of peace.

As you calm yourself within, so you calm the world. Only peaceful protests will succeed, nothing excepts peaceful protests; the masses coming to the streets in support of toppling oppressive regimes, not in armed conflict, but simply to lend their voice to the cause. No voice will be stifled. No amount of arrests will hold back the tide of humanity demanding their birthright – freedom.

No religious right will prevail. One form of dictatorship will not be replaced by another. The torrents of humanity taking to the streets right now have had the seeds of freedom planted eons ago. They never had to courage to exercise their right. Now courage has been given to each by the grace of the Divine within. It is an expanded Self they are aligning with, no longer tied to fear of repercussion as in the past. They sing a song of praise each time they leave their home and go out in support of the leaders of dissent. They act as one mind seeking one goal.

The civil unrest in the Middle East is an enormous ground swell that cannot be stopped, nor can it be contained. It will spread until NO country is left unaffected.

And so it is, Ascended Master Kuthumi

February 15, 2011

The Light and Truth Within - Universal Mind

The Great I AM; Universal Mind. (Image from EOC

The sun shines with equal favor on all of you, just as you need to shine with equal favor on each other. No one is excluded from the sun’s beneficence, just as you are to exclude no one from your light once you understand what it means to fully stand in your light.

The light of Grace makes no discrimination between souls. It accepts each soul as universally powerful, even those who seem to have no power. It is up to each of you to claim your power. No one else can do that for you. You must do it for yourself. An uneducated people will never be free, but no one is deprived of the direct revelation from Source. NO ONE! Thus, each of you subscribe to the union of man upon whom revelation is bestowed. Let no man hold another back from receiving that which is rightfully his by ridiculing or scorning those who claim to receive the Word of God through direct revelation. That is the only way it is received – directly.

All minds are joined. All men receive the same “Truth” but they receive it through their own filters. The truth you are given is found in your crown. Some may call this truth the “Gifts of the Holy Spirit.” Some may call it the “points” in the crown. These are the gifts of direct revelation that are the guiding principles of your life. The brightest amongst these is Unconditional Love. These gifts are many and varied and each one of them gives you a quality that enables you to function as a whole human “Be”-ing. Amongst these gifts are: Harmony, Balance, Unity, Peace, Unconditional Love, Freedom, Forgiveness, Mercy, Compassion, Alignment, Clarity, Courage, Tolerance, Justice, Reasonableness, Grace, and Truth. These are the gifts you access while on your earthly journey and you have unlimited time to open these points in your crown, but on the Spiritual level, they already are open.

Some of you feel mightily “put upon” when your ego beliefs are challenged. Others hunger and thirst for the knowledge that comes only from having full connection to these open portals within yourself. Have a clear destination in mind each day for that end goal will determine how quickly you get there. Let not your outer “covering (your body) distract you from receiving direct revelation from Divine Source. It is the only thing that is “real” about your life. All the rest is illusion, albeit a very powerful illusion that you have all agreed to partake in as you expand into your Higher Self, the Self you really are.

Accept your “stumbles” not as boulders in your path, but rather as small irritants in your eye. Once your third eye is fully opened, these irritants will amount to nothing and you will see them for the blessing they really are – a chance to grow. Allow no man to hold you back from your path lest the karmic plan grow between you. Release the fear of judgment from any man for it is that fear that keeps you from moving forward.

Give yourself the space each day to accomplish that which is dear to your heart. The rest is just “busy” work meant to keep you distracted from your one true goal. Never allow fear to govern your actions. Fear is only a temporary setback that has all the power of a shadow to hold you back. The only power fear has is the power you give it. Banish it from your psyche. Do not give it fertile ground.

We guide you ever more. There is no earthly power that can stand up to our magnificence. Align with us in all you say and do and you will find your journey here a much easier one.

We are One and All, Universal Mind