February 21, 2013

Light and Truth Within - Spirit of Freedom

The Statue of Liberty represents the Spirit of Freedom.

Bring me your tired and your poor, your teaming masses yearning to be free… Spirit of Freedom, Ellis Island, NY

The French gave the Statue of Liberty to the people of the United States of America and that statue, which embodies the Spirit of Freedom, has become the symbol of freedom that the United States stands for. The French understood the pursuit of liberty better than any other country and sympathized with the struggles of this young country.

Their triumph is exemplified in the musical Les Misérables, which, to some, seems to be a story of hopelessness, of youth fighting for a cause that brings only misery and death to all who participate in it. Not so, not so. The prevailing virtue in Les Misérables is one of Hope: Hope for a better time, Hope for justice, Hope for the common man, Hope to eliminate the insensitivity of the ruling classes.

Many of those who stridently led the cause for freedom from the aristocracy in France became the souls of those who led the peace marches in the 1960′s and 1970′s in the United States. These same people in turn birthed babies who continued that same rallying cry for freedom, but that cry has now spread around the world. The cry for freedom is being led by the youth. No longer will the youth allow themselves to complacently accept what their fathers and mothers accepted. The youth have been inspired by the musical that extolled the virtue of fighting to the last man, of fighting for the right to have the same opportunity as any other man, of not simply accepting the limitations of their birth.

That is accomplished by the Spirit of Freedom living in the hearts and minds of man.

Spirit of Freedom

AuthorAlice Jones