August 21, 2013

Light and Truth Within – Higher Self

Higher Self - the highest consciousness of our 'Be'-ing - gives each of us wisdom and guidance.

Your migrant workers, many of the eleven million in the news recently, fight for the chance to eke out the barest subsistence existence. Yet, they cherish their life.

You, to whom so much has been given, get tangled within so many insecurities that you are unsure of whether you are in a life worth living. You commit so many atrocities upon yourself, upon each other and upon the planet. Yet, through it all, the Light permeates the darkness, the Light that you are. You are forming into coalitions now that were only dreamed of as possibilities in the past, coalitions that are helping readjust the imbalances that have been perpetrated before.

Accept your role in this lifetime as a visionary that sees a better future for the planet, as part of the collective action that community brings. Join in community with other like-minded souls for the betterment of those with no voice. Support their quest for collective action to redistribute the wealth that is being expunged from their life force.

They are the least among you and they WILL inherit the earth.

Higher Self

Monday, 13 May 2013 Light and Truth Within - St. Michael, the Archangel of Courage

Bring forth what you know through your teachings, whether they be written or spoken. Relax in the knowing the the entire Angelic realm awaits your orders. Decide how you wish for your life to unfold; how you wish your life to look. Then act on that decision.

Archangel St. Michael, painted by Guido Reni.

Be bold! Your vision to serve God has been the defining characteristic of the path of your soul. Retain no fears of retribution from past lives that you will be brutally stopped in place. Bring forth with comity and with joy all that lies within you.

No longer can the forces of power stage a resistance to that which is desired by Source.

The light that came to the planet on December 12 and Dec 21 affected all mankind even when it appeared not so.

The forces of Light come from every direction to uncover that which no longer serves the evolution of the souls on the third dimension. The forces of Light come from the entire Angelic realm through the light of the Christ consciousness. This can neither be denied nor diminished. Bring forth the bounty of work that has been waiting to be released.

St. Michael, the Archangel of Courage