September 14, 2013

Light and Truth Within – Higher Self

Higher Self - the highest consciousness of our 'Be'-ing - gives each of us wisdom and guidance.

Let go of all insecurities, all negativity, all self-objections that arise. Do not store them for a general purging at a subscribed hour. Let go of them immediately! They are all a by-product of your ego and your ego is insane. Banish them to the furthest reaches of your mind as quickly as they come in to swamp you.

Your inability to control your mind is legendary. Just look at the condition of the Earth. History repeats itself because you allow the ego to rip and choke off your finest moments in the name of self-righteousness and self-aggrandizement.

Recognize the light that you come from. Empty your vessel to merge with the greatest vessel of all - that of Source.

You are Spirit having a human experience. You agreed to participate in the density of the third dimension for the growth and advancement of your soul. You always have been and always will be coming from Oneness, the Oneness of All That Is. Is it any wonder that the most elevated amongst you can communicate with a chair and be taken seriously. All you who witness that recognize the Oneness of your "Be"-ing - that you and the chair are made of the same "stuff" and that is Light.

Higher Self

AuthorAlice Jones
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August 21, 2013

Light and Truth Within – Higher Self

Higher Self - the highest consciousness of our 'Be'-ing - gives each of us wisdom and guidance.

Your migrant workers, many of the eleven million in the news recently, fight for the chance to eke out the barest subsistence existence. Yet, they cherish their life.

You, to whom so much has been given, get tangled within so many insecurities that you are unsure of whether you are in a life worth living. You commit so many atrocities upon yourself, upon each other and upon the planet. Yet, through it all, the Light permeates the darkness, the Light that you are. You are forming into coalitions now that were only dreamed of as possibilities in the past, coalitions that are helping readjust the imbalances that have been perpetrated before.

Accept your role in this lifetime as a visionary that sees a better future for the planet, as part of the collective action that community brings. Join in community with other like-minded souls for the betterment of those with no voice. Support their quest for collective action to redistribute the wealth that is being expunged from their life force.

They are the least among you and they WILL inherit the earth.

Higher Self

July 27, 2013

Light and Truth Within – Jesus

Jesus Christ, the Light of the World

I overcame the grip of the ego for I never forgot my connection to God. When I said, I am the Light of the World, I meant only to show you to shine the Light that you are. I meant to demonstrate to you that you and I are the same.

Relax the grip of the ego on your daily actions and you will step into the realm of peace. Peace is an enigma to the ego, whose domain is fear. Peace brings contentment, solace, comfort, kindness, love, and all the other attributes of which the ego knows nothing. The ego only knows separation and divisiveness. Nothing will bring it to the forefront as fast as strife and conflict.

Work within the realms of peace and co-operation and compromise. Those will bring the realm of Spirit to the forefront. Work with Light to ease the tensions that develop constantly where the ego congregates. Wrap White Light around your self. Send White Light to the hot spots of the world, to the places of dissension.

White Light is your strongest defense. There is nothing stronger than White Light. Light is where you came from. Light is where you return. Send Light to everything you feel needs healing. Start with self.


June 24, 2013

Light and Truth Within - Jesus, the Light of the World

Jesus, the Light of the World

I am the Light of the World. My Light is One with the Light of Source, but so is yours. Do not dim your light to make yourself compatible and acceptable to others who tend to criticize or condemn you. Stand in your own Light and allow them to stand where they wish. Lead them not to a place of resistance but accept them on their terms and allow them to stay where they desire, however you differ from them.

Bring forth your own Light, the Light that shines through out the world and allow them the space to do or not as they desire. Stay clear and calm and focused on that which you desire for your focus will bring you the results you wish to achieve. Stay not in their web.

Like attracts like. Seek out the vibrational planes you aspire to and stay there, one of which is unconditional Love. Seek out the ones who have offered to help you get to the next level. Stay not mired in a plane of your own making, a plane that is from the past, but does not need to be your future.

Have you had moments of joy during your time here? Have you brought joy to others? Have you had moments of peace, of clarity, of understanding, of compassion during your time on this planet? Have you brought peace, clarity, understanding and compassion to others during your time on this planet? If you can answer yes to both sides of the same question, then you have lived an authentic life! You have shared the wisdom inside of you. You have brought a layer of vibration to a higher level than you found it. Bring forth more of the same.

Jesus, the Light of the World