March 21, 2011

7 Guiding Principles from the Angels

Your Angelic Healing Team. (Image from Nesaranews.)

  • Stay in a place of calm and peace, no matter what is swirling around you. Stay centered, clear, aligned, and balanced. It is through the calmness that solutions to problems appear. Hysteria brings you nothing except more feelings of highly charged emotion that circulates throughout your body and agitates all your cells in the same way a washing machine agitates clothes. They circulate round and round and go nowhere. Calmness will bring you answers.
  • Complete the task at hand. Do not move to another endeavor until one task is completely finished. The unfinished projects you accumulate weigh on you. There is no sense of closure when you have uncompleted tasks around you. If one project needs to be extended to the next day, approach it at the first available opportunity. Do not stuff more projects on your plate than you can handle.
  • Stay in the NOW. Be fully present in the Moment. Give your complete attention to your children. Better yet, give them one hour of your time each day, allowing no distractions to interfere. They will appreciate it more than anything else you can do. Take the opportunity to fully be with them whenever you can. This could be when you are driving them to their next activity. Encourage them to share with you their special interests, whatever they are. Children are naturally egocentric and they are correct. The universe does revolve around you (them). Give them the space to explore their own agenda. They have come here to fill that, not the agenda you would have them fill.
  • Relax in the moment. Take the time to recreate. Re-create what you feel binds you to your “old” self. Create anew. Explore new ideas, new ways of thinking, and new ways of “Be”-ing in the world. New ways of acting will follow your thoughts and will refresh you. Even God rested on the seventh day. What makes you think you can go for weeks or a month without a break?
  • Bring balance into your endeavors. The world will not stop spinning if you do not accomplish every one of your goals. Set goals, but do not flagate yourself when they are not all completed according to your plan. Only we can see your future lives and we know what will be accomplished by you in your next lifetimes. You are each working towards a magnificent future for the Earth. Your attempts at disseminating light are more far reaching than you can imagine. You teach on many levels through your thoughts and your actions. No effort is wasted or “lost.” All has effect. Your “colors” shine brightly in spirit as you bring for the “thrusts” of your soul.
  • Spread Love wherever you go. Reach out to those less fortunate than you through your volunteer activities. That which you do not get paid for brings higher esteem in spirit than all your monetary accomplishments. The rewards are so great for those who toil to increase understanding of the Oneness. And yes, giving a smile to a stranger may be the most important thing you do today.
  • Be grateful for every benefit you have. An attitude of gratitude goes farther than anything else you do. It draws into your life more things to be grateful for. The magnetic attraction is so strong that it produces a chain of events that comes tumbling towards you. Gratitude is one of the most beneficent attitudes you can cultivate for it blends and harmonizes your cells as if they were a finely tuned instrument.

We love you and honor you, your Angelic Team

February 20, 2011

The Light and Truth Within - Jesus the Christed One

Jesus Christ, the Light of the World

Allow the blessings, the shower of Grace to flow down on yourself. Don’t make it a tedious journey. You have the power to make this the most exciting ride of your life. We are here to support your journey, to help you make it into the vision you set for yourself. You decide – only you. Your joy and your bliss increase as you align with the highest aspects of your “Be”-ing.

When you recognize that you and God are One, no “thing” is impossible to you. Just as Sai Baba answered the question “Are you God?” with “Yes, I am, and so are you. Only I know it and you doubt it,” just as I stated that I never forgot my connection to the Father, that the Father and I were one, so must you recognize that relationship to have perfect freedom.

Your world is awakening, not to fanaticism, but to the truth within. Men are no longer content to be controlled, to be told that they are not to enjoy the benefits of a full Spiritual life because they are uncleansed or unworthy. You are never unworthy to enjoy the fruits of the Spirit. They are yours for the taking. You claim your birthright! You do not wait for someone else to give it to you. Recognize the fullness of who you are and all is given you. The brightest jewels on earth do not gleam as brightly as you do.

Rest when you need to rest. Be active and fully present in your engagements, whether they be family, social, recreational, or work related. Allow yourself the luxury of being fully present in the NOW when you engage in the tasks you abhor as well as those you love. Call on our help when you meet inner resistance to something you find distasteful. We rush in with assistance only when asked. Recognize your need to bring balance into your life. Your retreat from spiritual development is at an end.

The gifts of the Holy Spirit are opening passage ways throughout your Crown, connecting the dots of light to help you maintain your alignment with Spirit. Allow no obstacle to keep you from your journey into Light. The darkness has prevailed too long on this planet. The Earth is a jewel in this quadrant of the galaxy. Those who bring more light to the planet will prevail against those who seek to encase it into darkness. The light spreading across the universe into the macrocosm also spreads into the most minute particles of your “Be”-ing into the microcosm. Allow the spread of the light to help you enjoy the journey.

Love can never the threatened. Only Love exists. You are that Love. Enjoy the ride.

I Am the Christed One, Jesus/Sananda/the Christ Consciousness 2/20/11