April 22, 2011

The Light and Truth Within – the Elohim of Creation

Elohim of Creation

There has to be a point where you step aside and declare your Self a Master. When you know that what you bring forth springs from your Spirit mind, not your ego mind, you have the right to say I Am. You no longer bow to the earthly insecurities of man. You pay no homage to the altar of doubt. Your gifts are made whole by the Holy Spirit. His Voice is your Voice. You no longer are separate from your brother because you have willed it to be so.

Relax into the comfort of Oneness. Allow it to soothe and caress you, envelope your entire body. Emphasize not the shortcomings of man. Instead ask what you can do to assist in the human endeavor to heal the embattled. The awareness of Spirit in all men is a universal quest. There is not a man alive who does not have a sense of something bigger than they are.

So many of you especially ignore or deny that anything special is happening to you, almost as if it would be unmanly to admit a spiritual experience. All of you have had experiences you cannot explain. There is not one amongst you who has come to this planet with only your ego intact. When you allow only your ego to be the beacon you follow, you do not access the greater part of your Self, that part from which unlimited power springs. By allowing your self to express your connection to Source, to your Higher Self, you have taken a step in the right direction. By standing in your own truth at all times, you relax into the greater part of your Self, you allow your expression of self to be the mirror of the greater Self you already are.

You are, you were, you always have been. There has never been a moment in eternity that you have not existed. As the Collective One, you are the undifferentiated part of Source. As the individualized One, you still are part of the undifferentiated part of Source. The only difference is that you choose a space suit within which to experience the experiential part of Source.

You have never left your Source, neither will you ever leave your Source. You and Source are One: One heart, One mind, One soul. Only your bodies are separate. When you accept this concept for yourself, you grow in Wisdom, in Grace, in Unconditional Love.

You have given yourself multiple lifetimes to experience the experiential part of Source, now you are reverting back to Unity, although there is some resistance amongst you. Those who continue to preach a message of separation are many. Their message will fade as the youth of today take their place and step into positions of leadership. Theirs is a message of Unity with Source. That is why they are so willing to protect the natural resources of Mother Earth. They see beneficence and are not willing to partake in exploiting Her as others have done in the past. Their path is one of service and sharing and helping the less fortunate: sharing wealth, tending to the needs of the downtrodden, ministering not only to the physical needs, but also to the spiritual, emotional, and mental needs. The youth of today recognize the wholeness of “Be”-ing, not just one facet of it.

We bless and guide them and bless and guide your efforts to spread the message of wholeness. The Elohim of Creation 4/22/11