January 25, 2013

Light and Truth Within – Metatron

Metatron, the Archangel of  life, guards the Tree of Life and writes down that which happens on both Earth and in Heaven in the Book of Life (known as the Akashic record).

Understand the importance of the Merkaba, your Ascension vehicle. This energy field surrounds every human on the planet, but few have it active. It lies fallow, just as a seed sown on bare rock lies fallow. Only when the light of Grace moves that seed to fertile ground can the seed sprout and become.

The energy of Grace flows through you, around you, and within you to activate all the energy systems you have within you: the chakras, subtle bodies, your core, meridians, meridian points, star tetrahedron, torus, three-fold flame, the points in your crown. You are connected in so many ways that it is not possible for you to be totally unaware of your Spiritual connection to Source.

You have only to give the Holy Spirit an opening, a wedge to allow Him, the Voice for God, to be heard by you. Your ego mind must be still for it is only in the stillness that you receive the Word of God into your heart. With each spiritual exercise you perform, you activate various points within. Each exercise has its own merit. Each goes to a various place in your body. Each increases your awareness of yourself as a “Spirit having a human experience.”

Give yourself the gift of time to activate the only part of yourself that matters, the part of yourself that is tied to unconditional love. Not that the whole of you in unimportant. To the contrary, you are part of the “Great Experiment” that was never tried before in your Universe. Honor that.


April 17, 2011

The Light and Truth Within – Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson, State Room Portrait.

No man is free who is not educated and your education system is in a shambles. Only the strongest teachers will survive for the lack of support for your teachers is now appalling. That will all change as the teachers start to demand what they know is rightfully theirs. The dam has burst! Nothing will stop them now.

Together, they are so outraged that they will progress as a collective unit to demand the conditions they know are conducive for learning. They struggle greatly just to bring order into the chaos they are faced with daily. No more! They know what they need and will organize marches and protests that will be heard around the world.

Only those children who truly desire one type of education need to be confined in a classroom. Other children have other needs. Not all children occupy the same line of reasoning; so many have other skills and interests that need to be tapped. Your current school environment makes no provisions for the individual needs and talents of these children.

New schools will come out of the current fare – born from the ashes of the current systems that are not addressing the needs of today’s children. When each child is aware of what each other child is thinking and feeling, children will be taught about the energy systems that are not addressed now. Telepathy and energy healing and balancing will be common. Nothing will be hidden because nothing can be hidden. The new children incarnating today are coming in with a DNA structure that allows them to comprehend ten times more than the current children. All will have a place in society. There is room for everyone’s talents. Growth will be exponential to the interests of each child, even if that means “playing” at a tea party day after day.

Your future scientists are already here on the planet. They will come together as a collective unit and teach about the merkaba, the individual “spaceship” that surrounds the body and can access any part of the Universe you wish to visit. Let no man drug these children, for they are your future.

Thomas Jefferson 4/17/11

AuthorAlice Jones