We lost our beautiful sweet gentle tan corgi on January 24. He was alternately called Handsome Sam or Sammy, and had the most beautiful Egyptian eyes you can ever imagine - as if black eyeliner had traced his eyes then went straight back towards his ears. 

No matter what you asked of him, he agreed. When we walked him in new places, he never strayed too far, investigating only so far, always keeping us in sight. Taking him up the Elk Mt. became more challenging as he got older but he was always there smiling as he crested a hill behind us, so pleased to be with us. 

He loved his food and his treats and only had to be chided infrequently for stealing Delilah’s food when she became fussy and left some in her bowl. 

A slight gurgle of approval escaped his throat when he was nuzzled under his chin, which he especially loved.

We loved this little guy with fur and four feet. 

And for all the heartache we feel now, would not have missed having him in our lives for as long as we did.
Sampson “Sammy” Jones
November 4,2004 - January 24, 2019

AuthorAlice Jones