Saturday, 23 March 2013

Light and Truth Within - Jesus the Christ - Healing - Pt 3

(This healing is the continuation of Part 1 and 2, March 18 March 22. Only the italicized words are the words of Jesus the Christ.)

Jesus depicted as the Good Shepherd (stained glass at St John's Ashfield)

Another layer of dark bands appear in my throat. The bands look a lot more ominous than the hex symbols. One band has sharp instruments, knife-like objects protruding from the edge that resemble instruments of torture.

Purple light, the light of St. Germaine, floods the entire scene, then magenta light, the light of Metatron. These images represent some enormous, well-hidden baggage I need to clear. The purple and magenta light stays with me, then green light starts to come in, the healing light of St. Raphael.

Still, the black band is not budging, but all the sharp, knife-like instruments are gone. Finally, i lean my head back and pink light, the nurturing light of the Blessed Mother/Divine Feminine comes in. My throat is now fully exposed as white gold light floods the entire 5th chakra. Deep red and magenta light encases my field of vision. I feel my throat clearing as it continues to be fully exposed to the light.

Finally, I hear, It is complete.

I hear something that resembles waves lapping the shore, breaking gently over the sand and a feeling of peace washes over me.

Jesus the Christ