February 20, 2013

Light and Truth Within – Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit, the Voice for God.

The quest for freedom lives inside the heart and mind of each man as one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. It is an eternal quest, not given to power seekers only. It is a personal quest, one inherent within the genes of all men. It resides deeper than your DNA, within the very fabric of the Universe you were created from.

The freedom to live your life in a peaceful manner is a Point in your Crown, the place within you where the Gifts of the Holy Spirit reside. All men are created equal. They each are endowed with the same gifts, but each person has the right to choose the opportunities to express these gifts depending upon the karmic path they have chosen for themselves. Those coming to the planet locked up within their own psyche, such as those with severe mental disabilities, may have chosen that path to be an instrument for the cosmic learning of someone else. They may be here only to expand the virtues of another, virtues such as compassion, mercy, love, understanding, tolerance, patience, and fortitude.

No life is lived in total isolation from another. Some lives are meant to be used for the greater good of the whole. A soul group may choose to incarnate, although from seemingly disparate sources, to effect one purpose. Those souls, while in Spirit, may have chosen one issue that they wished to change while on earth.

Look around you. You will be able to identify them. It becomes painfully obvious what needs to be changed around you. See who has chosen to become the “sacrificial lamb” to effect that change.

Holy Spirit