February 18, 2013

Light and Truth Within – Patrick Henry

Patrick Henry.

“Give me liberty or give me death.” I invoked a rallying cry that guided a new land to establish its freedom, to break the yoke of the country under whose domination it was originally established. It was a colony of one the greatest powers on Earth at the time of it inception, but there was a difference. From its humblest beginning, the people who arrived on the land that was called “America” were determined to implement the idea of self-governance.

Colonization had its function in a developing world. Certain manners and customs that enhanced one’s life were spread throughout the globe through colonization. The effect of that “gentility,” however, took its toll on the people to whom the aggressor came. More often than not, the local people where pressed into servitude, by force if necessary, and were allowed only a meager existence, while serving the elitist few who took power.

The quest for freedom is integral to who we are as a created being, not just a benefit for the privileged few. “Give me liberty, or give me death” became the rallying cry of a group of people oppressed by the excessive taxation of its establishing power, a nation seeking to govern itself, a nation who engaged in its own version of slavery, a nation blinded to the injustice of what it perpetuated upon those it imprisoned.

The independence – the freedom – of that nation had to be established first, then the individual differences could be worked out.

Patrick Henry

AuthorAlice Jones