Thursday, 07 March 2013

Light and Truth Within - Holy Spirit, the Voice for God

You will emerge out of this last crisis of faith and emerge even stronger than before. Whatever is placed before you comes only when you are ready for it.

Clearing occurs when you are ready to face issues that you were not willing to face before, issues you buried deep inside of you. When your personal will is strong enough, the issues surface in order for you to clear them. Until then, they stay buried deep within you. Clearing is the most important thing you can do for yourself since clearing paves the way for the readjustment of your vibrational field. What was old and sluggish and clogged energy becomes new and vibrant and free-flowing.

Clearing becomes a way of life once you learn about your energy body. Blame not the mistakes of the past, for that is all they ever were, mistakes. Those mistakes led you to a place of forgiveness that surfaced to become the new pattern for your life.

Had you not had the experience involving forgiveness, you simply could not be as effective as you are today. Neither would you be interested in doing what you do today. You would have had too many distractions. Forgiveness was your path to wisdom.

Holy Spirit, the Voice for God