The Light and Truth Within from Universal Mind

March 23, 2011

The Great I AM; Universal Mind. (Image from EOC

I AM, the Words of Creation. Whatever you put after the words “I am” are your creation, your destiny, your “reality” in your march towards light. Soon you will recognize that is so, Right now, your mind is still resistant to accepting EVERYTHING in our sphere as your own creation. Accept the biggest part of your Self and you accept the only part of yourself that is real.

You keep yourself bound in chains though your judgment of everything you see around you. Freedom come through forgiveness of that which you feel has hurt you. No hurt is possible that you did not call up on yourself. Mass consciousness affects planetary functions. All the suffering you see around the world is due to mass consciousness that keeps it in place. Release the need to judge events, rather use them as a seat of compassion within yourself. Cleanse yourself of the need to judge others or events. They are merely experiences. All have come here for their own Divine purpose, which their own Self knows. Some of the worst “atrocities” committed have released souls to “try again” to live a life filled with joy. Every act has a purpose far beyond anything your limited judgment can understand. That is how the consciousness of man elevates. The newly arrived souls who experienced torturous conditions in their previous lifetimes will work vehemently for the freedom of all mankind. You must ask it for yourself. It cannot be thrust upon you by another.

Have the courage to bring forth what is in your soul, within the essence of your “Be”-ing. The three-fold flame lives within your heart and can never be extinguished, although it can be diminished. As you look within, see the message the three-fold flame brings you. Is it a small, barely visible vestige on your Divine altar in the center of your heart? Or does it leap and dance brightly, so brightly that it reaches past your throat? The brighter it burns, the closer you are to completing your soul contract on earth. You came here to garner experiences, to taste the duality with all your five senses, to experience your sixth sense and your connection to the Divine, or even discover that connect for the first time.

We have no judgment of those who prefer to stay in their ego minds from lifetime through lifetime. That is their free will to do so. Should they never feel the need to bump up above the limits of reason, that is OK. Eventually they will, but it may take an enormous amount of effort to get themselves there. And that is OK.

When you feel put upon to pass judgment on that which is the current top the day, stay a moment, take a deep breath, and wait for us to contact you, is you want us to. It is the act of breathing that connects you to your God-Mind. The deeper the breath, the more ability to reach you at a cell level. Say with us awhile and breathe deeply as we enter every cell of your “Be”-ing and align you with your God-Mind.

We are the collective, Universal Mind 3/23/11