Friday, 26 April 2013 Light and Truth Within - Jesus the Christ

There are many ways to freedom and freeing ourselves from the pain of misbehavior, no matter what that misbehavior looked like, is one of them. In this manner, knowing about past lives is useful, though, in reality, all the lives are being lived at the same time.

Jesus depicted as the Good Shepherd (stained glass at St John's Ashfield)

Thus, being able to forgive your past rearranges your present and alters your future. Letting go of past pain is healing, for all pain is related to a "story" which is related to judgment. Break through the walls that judgment erects around your heart. Your soul knows no judgment but your heart is swamped with myriads of "stories" burying all semblance of love. And this bring pain into your life

Release the judgments and you will release the barriers that block your heart which in turn prevents you from becoming the Spirit "Be"-ing that you in essence are. Judgment alters your vibrational level, keeping you bound into a very tight constricted space.

Place you efforts in aligning with the Christ Consciousness, with that of unconditional love. Love everyone as you would love your self, as you wish others to love you. Keep yourself free of judgment and you keep yourself free of pain and all the accessories that accompany your pain.

Jesus the Christ.

February 20, 2013

Light and Truth Within – Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit, the Voice for God.

The quest for freedom lives inside the heart and mind of each man as one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. It is an eternal quest, not given to power seekers only. It is a personal quest, one inherent within the genes of all men. It resides deeper than your DNA, within the very fabric of the Universe you were created from.

The freedom to live your life in a peaceful manner is a Point in your Crown, the place within you where the Gifts of the Holy Spirit reside. All men are created equal. They each are endowed with the same gifts, but each person has the right to choose the opportunities to express these gifts depending upon the karmic path they have chosen for themselves. Those coming to the planet locked up within their own psyche, such as those with severe mental disabilities, may have chosen that path to be an instrument for the cosmic learning of someone else. They may be here only to expand the virtues of another, virtues such as compassion, mercy, love, understanding, tolerance, patience, and fortitude.

No life is lived in total isolation from another. Some lives are meant to be used for the greater good of the whole. A soul group may choose to incarnate, although from seemingly disparate sources, to effect one purpose. Those souls, while in Spirit, may have chosen one issue that they wished to change while on earth.

Look around you. You will be able to identify them. It becomes painfully obvious what needs to be changed around you. See who has chosen to become the “sacrificial lamb” to effect that change.

Holy Spirit

February 21, 2013

Light and Truth Within - Spirit of Freedom

The Statue of Liberty represents the Spirit of Freedom.

Bring me your tired and your poor, your teaming masses yearning to be free… Spirit of Freedom, Ellis Island, NY

The French gave the Statue of Liberty to the people of the United States of America and that statue, which embodies the Spirit of Freedom, has become the symbol of freedom that the United States stands for. The French understood the pursuit of liberty better than any other country and sympathized with the struggles of this young country.

Their triumph is exemplified in the musical Les Misérables, which, to some, seems to be a story of hopelessness, of youth fighting for a cause that brings only misery and death to all who participate in it. Not so, not so. The prevailing virtue in Les Misérables is one of Hope: Hope for a better time, Hope for justice, Hope for the common man, Hope to eliminate the insensitivity of the ruling classes.

Many of those who stridently led the cause for freedom from the aristocracy in France became the souls of those who led the peace marches in the 1960′s and 1970′s in the United States. These same people in turn birthed babies who continued that same rallying cry for freedom, but that cry has now spread around the world. The cry for freedom is being led by the youth. No longer will the youth allow themselves to complacently accept what their fathers and mothers accepted. The youth have been inspired by the musical that extolled the virtue of fighting to the last man, of fighting for the right to have the same opportunity as any other man, of not simply accepting the limitations of their birth.

That is accomplished by the Spirit of Freedom living in the hearts and minds of man.

Spirit of Freedom

AuthorAlice Jones

February 18, 2013

Light and Truth Within – Patrick Henry

Patrick Henry.

“Give me liberty or give me death.” I invoked a rallying cry that guided a new land to establish its freedom, to break the yoke of the country under whose domination it was originally established. It was a colony of one the greatest powers on Earth at the time of it inception, but there was a difference. From its humblest beginning, the people who arrived on the land that was called “America” were determined to implement the idea of self-governance.

Colonization had its function in a developing world. Certain manners and customs that enhanced one’s life were spread throughout the globe through colonization. The effect of that “gentility,” however, took its toll on the people to whom the aggressor came. More often than not, the local people where pressed into servitude, by force if necessary, and were allowed only a meager existence, while serving the elitist few who took power.

The quest for freedom is integral to who we are as a created being, not just a benefit for the privileged few. “Give me liberty, or give me death” became the rallying cry of a group of people oppressed by the excessive taxation of its establishing power, a nation seeking to govern itself, a nation who engaged in its own version of slavery, a nation blinded to the injustice of what it perpetuated upon those it imprisoned.

The independence – the freedom – of that nation had to be established first, then the individual differences could be worked out.

Patrick Henry

AuthorAlice Jones

April 17, 2011

The Light and Truth Within – Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson, State Room Portrait.

No man is free who is not educated and your education system is in a shambles. Only the strongest teachers will survive for the lack of support for your teachers is now appalling. That will all change as the teachers start to demand what they know is rightfully theirs. The dam has burst! Nothing will stop them now.

Together, they are so outraged that they will progress as a collective unit to demand the conditions they know are conducive for learning. They struggle greatly just to bring order into the chaos they are faced with daily. No more! They know what they need and will organize marches and protests that will be heard around the world.

Only those children who truly desire one type of education need to be confined in a classroom. Other children have other needs. Not all children occupy the same line of reasoning; so many have other skills and interests that need to be tapped. Your current school environment makes no provisions for the individual needs and talents of these children.

New schools will come out of the current fare – born from the ashes of the current systems that are not addressing the needs of today’s children. When each child is aware of what each other child is thinking and feeling, children will be taught about the energy systems that are not addressed now. Telepathy and energy healing and balancing will be common. Nothing will be hidden because nothing can be hidden. The new children incarnating today are coming in with a DNA structure that allows them to comprehend ten times more than the current children. All will have a place in society. There is room for everyone’s talents. Growth will be exponential to the interests of each child, even if that means “playing” at a tea party day after day.

Your future scientists are already here on the planet. They will come together as a collective unit and teach about the merkaba, the individual “spaceship” that surrounds the body and can access any part of the Universe you wish to visit. Let no man drug these children, for they are your future.

Thomas Jefferson 4/17/11

AuthorAlice Jones

The Light and Truth Within from Universal Mind

March 23, 2011

The Great I AM; Universal Mind. (Image from EOC

I AM, the Words of Creation. Whatever you put after the words “I am” are your creation, your destiny, your “reality” in your march towards light. Soon you will recognize that is so, Right now, your mind is still resistant to accepting EVERYTHING in our sphere as your own creation. Accept the biggest part of your Self and you accept the only part of yourself that is real.

You keep yourself bound in chains though your judgment of everything you see around you. Freedom come through forgiveness of that which you feel has hurt you. No hurt is possible that you did not call up on yourself. Mass consciousness affects planetary functions. All the suffering you see around the world is due to mass consciousness that keeps it in place. Release the need to judge events, rather use them as a seat of compassion within yourself. Cleanse yourself of the need to judge others or events. They are merely experiences. All have come here for their own Divine purpose, which their own Self knows. Some of the worst “atrocities” committed have released souls to “try again” to live a life filled with joy. Every act has a purpose far beyond anything your limited judgment can understand. That is how the consciousness of man elevates. The newly arrived souls who experienced torturous conditions in their previous lifetimes will work vehemently for the freedom of all mankind. You must ask it for yourself. It cannot be thrust upon you by another.

Have the courage to bring forth what is in your soul, within the essence of your “Be”-ing. The three-fold flame lives within your heart and can never be extinguished, although it can be diminished. As you look within, see the message the three-fold flame brings you. Is it a small, barely visible vestige on your Divine altar in the center of your heart? Or does it leap and dance brightly, so brightly that it reaches past your throat? The brighter it burns, the closer you are to completing your soul contract on earth. You came here to garner experiences, to taste the duality with all your five senses, to experience your sixth sense and your connection to the Divine, or even discover that connect for the first time.

We have no judgment of those who prefer to stay in their ego minds from lifetime through lifetime. That is their free will to do so. Should they never feel the need to bump up above the limits of reason, that is OK. Eventually they will, but it may take an enormous amount of effort to get themselves there. And that is OK.

When you feel put upon to pass judgment on that which is the current top the day, stay a moment, take a deep breath, and wait for us to contact you, is you want us to. It is the act of breathing that connects you to your God-Mind. The deeper the breath, the more ability to reach you at a cell level. Say with us awhile and breathe deeply as we enter every cell of your “Be”-ing and align you with your God-Mind.

We are the collective, Universal Mind 3/23/11

February 22, 2011

The Light and Truth Within - St. Michael

Archangel St. Michael, painted by Guido Reni.

If you lived in a state of perpetual “light” would you even know what “light” was? It is the contrast that brings you the understanding. Can you know what “up” is you have no concept of “down?” “High” if no concept of “low?” “Big” if no concept of “little?” The contrast solidifies your contract. You choose to come here to experience another state of “reality,” a “reality” of your making. This is just “you” finding another part of “you” to experience, my child. There is no good or bad about it. It is all of your choosing.

Every hurricane has an eye where only stillness resides. The hurricane some of you call your life also has an eye, a place of perfect stillness that resides in the center of your heart. No one can live without a heart. Even though some parts of you can be replaced, should your heart be replaced, you bring the other person’s stillness into you. You are not this little helpless person who is buffeted by every storm, swayed by every persuasion, victimized by every bully, and left in a crumbled heap on the floor of your life. You are not that. You are a piece of God – a trillionth share of God – you have the same power to create as God creates, through thought. You come from Spirit, you return to Spirit. You maintain contact with all the other aspect of Self and all your loved ones, but the veil is thick, just as a smokescreen is thick. But how much substance does a smokescreen have? None! How many are willing to plow through the smokescreen to get to the other side?

How do you even plow through the smokescreen? Through meditation and contemplation, through the silence in your own heart, through the three-fold flame that exists inside you. Approach the stillness with respect and reverence, for it is the stillness that connects you to the highest aspect of Self. Breathe through everything else. Solutions to all your problems paths to your endeavors are revealed to you in the stillness of your breath, the stillpoint that you pass from apex of inbreath to outbreath, from outbreath to inbreath. Soon you become your Higher Self as you learn there is no distinction between self and Self. Just as there is no difference in miracles, “one is not harder or bigger than the other,” there is no distinction in Selves, one is not more connected than the other. One is simply more aware than the other. Higher Self can be a misnomer. It can only be applied to awareness, a concept not impossible to you to grasp in this lifetime.

Yes, because you have had such a a difficult time accepting Spirit’s call for your Self, because you know the anxiety and tremors that people go through when asked to align with their Spirit mind, qualify and discern what it is that you wish to have appear in your life. It will show up. “Ask and ye shall receive” was promised you by Master Jesus when he walked the earth. You will never be denied what you ask for. You decide what makes your life “tick,” accept what you wish to show up, reject what you do not wish to have. You even have the right to reject your own creations.

Let nothing stand in the way of your surfacing to the top and gasping your breath of freedom from the confines and restrictions of ego. All the years of preparation, study, classes, courses, workshops are paying off. Each time you bring us in to help you, you acknowledge the Higher aspect of Self that is connected to the Creator. It is you speaking through the assistance of all the aspects of Self that connect you to Prime Source.

I Am your badge of Courage, St Michael 2/22/11

February 18, 2011

The Light and Truth Within - Angelic Team & Ascended Master Kuthumi

From the Angelic Healing Team

Your Angelic Healing Team. (Image from Nesaranews.)

Support Mother Earth in all you do. She needs to be held in the highest esteem by all of you. Hers is sacred ground. Let nothing keep you from your mission to heal the wounds past generations have inflicted on her. Those who continue to abuse her in the present need to be brought to the Light. They run their insidious programs under cover of secrecy, the darkness that blankets what they do. Send your consciousness to their outposts and bring forth and illuminate what they are doing. The darkness hides all manner of abuse for secrecy is a minion of darkness.

We are the protectors of the Earth, The Angelic Team

From Ascended Master Kuthumi

Ascended Master Kuthumi

No man will allow him/herself to be cowed as they had been in lifetimes past. The eternal flame burns brightly in the hearts of men where it was just a dim presence before. All the uprisings now are influencing those in other countries who have been oppressed for so long. They seek to be released from the imprisonment they have been under. All is self-imposed. What they allowed then, no longer is going to be tolerated. There is a force within that is coming forth with the same energy a volcano spews out its lava. Men are regurgitating life-times of oppression that they tolerated before. All is part of the Divine plan; all will lead to the fulfillment of the prophecy of peace.

As you calm yourself within, so you calm the world. Only peaceful protests will succeed, nothing excepts peaceful protests; the masses coming to the streets in support of toppling oppressive regimes, not in armed conflict, but simply to lend their voice to the cause. No voice will be stifled. No amount of arrests will hold back the tide of humanity demanding their birthright – freedom.

No religious right will prevail. One form of dictatorship will not be replaced by another. The torrents of humanity taking to the streets right now have had the seeds of freedom planted eons ago. They never had to courage to exercise their right. Now courage has been given to each by the grace of the Divine within. It is an expanded Self they are aligning with, no longer tied to fear of repercussion as in the past. They sing a song of praise each time they leave their home and go out in support of the leaders of dissent. They act as one mind seeking one goal.

The civil unrest in the Middle East is an enormous ground swell that cannot be stopped, nor can it be contained. It will spread until NO country is left unaffected.

And so it is, Ascended Master Kuthumi

February 15, 2011

The Light and Truth Within - Universal Mind

The Great I AM; Universal Mind. (Image from EOC

The sun shines with equal favor on all of you, just as you need to shine with equal favor on each other. No one is excluded from the sun’s beneficence, just as you are to exclude no one from your light once you understand what it means to fully stand in your light.

The light of Grace makes no discrimination between souls. It accepts each soul as universally powerful, even those who seem to have no power. It is up to each of you to claim your power. No one else can do that for you. You must do it for yourself. An uneducated people will never be free, but no one is deprived of the direct revelation from Source. NO ONE! Thus, each of you subscribe to the union of man upon whom revelation is bestowed. Let no man hold another back from receiving that which is rightfully his by ridiculing or scorning those who claim to receive the Word of God through direct revelation. That is the only way it is received – directly.

All minds are joined. All men receive the same “Truth” but they receive it through their own filters. The truth you are given is found in your crown. Some may call this truth the “Gifts of the Holy Spirit.” Some may call it the “points” in the crown. These are the gifts of direct revelation that are the guiding principles of your life. The brightest amongst these is Unconditional Love. These gifts are many and varied and each one of them gives you a quality that enables you to function as a whole human “Be”-ing. Amongst these gifts are: Harmony, Balance, Unity, Peace, Unconditional Love, Freedom, Forgiveness, Mercy, Compassion, Alignment, Clarity, Courage, Tolerance, Justice, Reasonableness, Grace, and Truth. These are the gifts you access while on your earthly journey and you have unlimited time to open these points in your crown, but on the Spiritual level, they already are open.

Some of you feel mightily “put upon” when your ego beliefs are challenged. Others hunger and thirst for the knowledge that comes only from having full connection to these open portals within yourself. Have a clear destination in mind each day for that end goal will determine how quickly you get there. Let not your outer “covering (your body) distract you from receiving direct revelation from Divine Source. It is the only thing that is “real” about your life. All the rest is illusion, albeit a very powerful illusion that you have all agreed to partake in as you expand into your Higher Self, the Self you really are.

Accept your “stumbles” not as boulders in your path, but rather as small irritants in your eye. Once your third eye is fully opened, these irritants will amount to nothing and you will see them for the blessing they really are – a chance to grow. Allow no man to hold you back from your path lest the karmic plan grow between you. Release the fear of judgment from any man for it is that fear that keeps you from moving forward.

Give yourself the space each day to accomplish that which is dear to your heart. The rest is just “busy” work meant to keep you distracted from your one true goal. Never allow fear to govern your actions. Fear is only a temporary setback that has all the power of a shadow to hold you back. The only power fear has is the power you give it. Banish it from your psyche. Do not give it fertile ground.

We guide you ever more. There is no earthly power that can stand up to our magnificence. Align with us in all you say and do and you will find your journey here a much easier one.

We are One and All, Universal Mind