Sunday, 23 June 2013

Light and Truth Within - Higher Self

Higher Self - the highest consciousness of our 'Be'-ing - gives each of us wisdom and guidance.

Relax in the journey more than you have in the past. You have already experienced the effects of holding on tightly to interior "drama" that is not conducive to the functions of your body. Let go of the need to control the actions of others. Their choice to accept or reject according to their soul contract will determine the outcome for them.

Bring forth the truth within you. Bring forth what is the latest and greatest vision of the earth according to your inner vision. That will become your reality and that reality of those you love.

Summon forth light from the Cosmos. Anchor it into your self to become your Higher Self. The prayers you say add mightily to your light quotient and to how you project yourself to others. Others can see and feel that Light emanating from within you. All comes from within. The light that shines out to others is what they see.

Bring forth your light as you go through your day. Each day is a new beginning. Another quadrant of light will shine through the efforts you bring forth.

Higher Self

AuthorAlice Jones
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