February 20, 2013

Light and Truth Within – Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit, the Voice for God.

The quest for freedom lives inside the heart and mind of each man as one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. It is an eternal quest, not given to power seekers only. It is a personal quest, one inherent within the genes of all men. It resides deeper than your DNA, within the very fabric of the Universe you were created from.

The freedom to live your life in a peaceful manner is a Point in your Crown, the place within you where the Gifts of the Holy Spirit reside. All men are created equal. They each are endowed with the same gifts, but each person has the right to choose the opportunities to express these gifts depending upon the karmic path they have chosen for themselves. Those coming to the planet locked up within their own psyche, such as those with severe mental disabilities, may have chosen that path to be an instrument for the cosmic learning of someone else. They may be here only to expand the virtues of another, virtues such as compassion, mercy, love, understanding, tolerance, patience, and fortitude.

No life is lived in total isolation from another. Some lives are meant to be used for the greater good of the whole. A soul group may choose to incarnate, although from seemingly disparate sources, to effect one purpose. Those souls, while in Spirit, may have chosen one issue that they wished to change while on earth.

Look around you. You will be able to identify them. It becomes painfully obvious what needs to be changed around you. See who has chosen to become the “sacrificial lamb” to effect that change.

Holy Spirit

April 1, 2011

The Light and Truth Within – the Karmic Board

Karmic Board

If we bring forth what we know with “certain purpose, high resolve and happy confidence” we will save our self a lifetime of uncertainty where we do not feel settled inside of our “Be”-ing. When we are not following our soul contract, there is always something within us that is not quite right, like a shoe that may be very well designed, but pinches our big left toe or slips off our foot. The fit is not perfect.

“If you bring forth what you know, what you know will save you. If you do not bring forth what you know, what you know will destroy you.” (the Gnostic Gospel of St. Thomas) Sounds a little harsh, but upon examination, the word “destroy” could be stated to “leave you forever unfulfilled,” a feeling that you just don’t have it right, no matter what you do and how well you do it. And the universe does not support your endeavors. You are on your own pursuing your ego dreams of what it thinks is right for you. But there is a hollowness inside of you, a place where no amount of busy-ness can satiate.

What is your soul contract? How do you know what your soul contract is? What makes your heart sing? What do you know instinctively that makes you happy? What, from your earliest memories, did you gravitate towards? Is your soul contract changing your life? Are you being asked to evolve into a higher state of “Be”-ing? Are you being asked to give up a cushy job in order to feed the poor? The poor have many faces. There are more “poor in Spirit” than there are poor in form. Are you being asked to feed the starving poor spiritual food? Is your love and enthusiasm for a certain subject the very thing that needs to be shared? It is enthusiasm that brings you closer to God – “En theo” – Latin for “in Spirit.”

We, your Karmic Board, know what is right for you and we gently prod you to guide you towards that end. We never lose sight of what you chose for yourself and continue to nudge you in that direction. By sharing what you know and love, you get people around you who know and love the same. Even when stumbling blocks are placed in your way, that is only a test of your resolve to pursue your soul contract. If your soul contract is to become your Higher Self in this lifetime – and many of you are — than any obstacle placed in your direction should only strengthen your resolve to move forward and upward. It only makes sense to go along with what you instinctively know is right for you, for that puts you “in the flow” and makes your life so much easier than it has been till now. As you align with your soul contract, all obstacles will fall away.

This is the time of cleansing. Whatever has impeded the growth of the planet is now being sloughed off. All impediments are being removed through her efforts to place herself into the same pristine condition from whence she came. And you are part of that process. Your alignment with your Higher Self is her alignment with her Higher Self.

We love you and honor your effort. The Karmic Board

February 15, 2011

The Light and Truth Within - Universal Mind

The Great I AM; Universal Mind. (Image from EOC Institute.org.)f

The sun shines with equal favor on all of you, just as you need to shine with equal favor on each other. No one is excluded from the sun’s beneficence, just as you are to exclude no one from your light once you understand what it means to fully stand in your light.

The light of Grace makes no discrimination between souls. It accepts each soul as universally powerful, even those who seem to have no power. It is up to each of you to claim your power. No one else can do that for you. You must do it for yourself. An uneducated people will never be free, but no one is deprived of the direct revelation from Source. NO ONE! Thus, each of you subscribe to the union of man upon whom revelation is bestowed. Let no man hold another back from receiving that which is rightfully his by ridiculing or scorning those who claim to receive the Word of God through direct revelation. That is the only way it is received – directly.

All minds are joined. All men receive the same “Truth” but they receive it through their own filters. The truth you are given is found in your crown. Some may call this truth the “Gifts of the Holy Spirit.” Some may call it the “points” in the crown. These are the gifts of direct revelation that are the guiding principles of your life. The brightest amongst these is Unconditional Love. These gifts are many and varied and each one of them gives you a quality that enables you to function as a whole human “Be”-ing. Amongst these gifts are: Harmony, Balance, Unity, Peace, Unconditional Love, Freedom, Forgiveness, Mercy, Compassion, Alignment, Clarity, Courage, Tolerance, Justice, Reasonableness, Grace, and Truth. These are the gifts you access while on your earthly journey and you have unlimited time to open these points in your crown, but on the Spiritual level, they already are open.

Some of you feel mightily “put upon” when your ego beliefs are challenged. Others hunger and thirst for the knowledge that comes only from having full connection to these open portals within yourself. Have a clear destination in mind each day for that end goal will determine how quickly you get there. Let not your outer “covering (your body) distract you from receiving direct revelation from Divine Source. It is the only thing that is “real” about your life. All the rest is illusion, albeit a very powerful illusion that you have all agreed to partake in as you expand into your Higher Self, the Self you really are.

Accept your “stumbles” not as boulders in your path, but rather as small irritants in your eye. Once your third eye is fully opened, these irritants will amount to nothing and you will see them for the blessing they really are – a chance to grow. Allow no man to hold you back from your path lest the karmic plan grow between you. Release the fear of judgment from any man for it is that fear that keeps you from moving forward.

Give yourself the space each day to accomplish that which is dear to your heart. The rest is just “busy” work meant to keep you distracted from your one true goal. Never allow fear to govern your actions. Fear is only a temporary setback that has all the power of a shadow to hold you back. The only power fear has is the power you give it. Banish it from your psyche. Do not give it fertile ground.

We guide you ever more. There is no earthly power that can stand up to our magnificence. Align with us in all you say and do and you will find your journey here a much easier one.

We are One and All, Universal Mind