Thursday, 02 May 2013 Light and Truth Within - St. Michael

Bring forth what you know. What you know is enough. If you bring forth what you know, what you know will save you. If you do not bring forth what you know, what you know will destroy you. (Gnostic Gospel of St. Thomas)

Archangel St. Michael, painted by Guido Reni.

Teach those who come toward you. Establish an on-line community for those who know and trust you, who seek you out for guidance. They are many and they vary in age and profession. Please take heart that all your years of struggle will have fruition in the lives of those you influence.

Truth is truth. There is no such thing as separation. It does not exist. You only think it does, and your thinking it is so makes it true for you.

Those of you who are holding a vision of community that is for the future: the future is NOW. You vision will manifest NOW exactly as you believe. Keep the vision fast in your mind of what you want your world to look like and it will happen the way your vision holds it in your mind.

St. Michael