Friday, 26 April 2013 Light and Truth Within - Jesus the Christ

There are many ways to freedom and freeing ourselves from the pain of misbehavior, no matter what that misbehavior looked like, is one of them. In this manner, knowing about past lives is useful, though, in reality, all the lives are being lived at the same time.

Jesus depicted as the Good Shepherd (stained glass at St John's Ashfield)

Thus, being able to forgive your past rearranges your present and alters your future. Letting go of past pain is healing, for all pain is related to a "story" which is related to judgment. Break through the walls that judgment erects around your heart. Your soul knows no judgment but your heart is swamped with myriads of "stories" burying all semblance of love. And this bring pain into your life

Release the judgments and you will release the barriers that block your heart which in turn prevents you from becoming the Spirit "Be"-ing that you in essence are. Judgment alters your vibrational level, keeping you bound into a very tight constricted space.

Place you efforts in aligning with the Christ Consciousness, with that of unconditional love. Love everyone as you would love your self, as you wish others to love you. Keep yourself free of judgment and you keep yourself free of pain and all the accessories that accompany your pain.

Jesus the Christ.

Friday, 12 April 2013 Light and Truth Within - Phylos, Keeper of the Akashic Records

(Channeling cont'd from 6/05/09)

Phylos, Keeper of the Akashic Records.

Alice - Does the Hall of Records really exist? Is there really such a thing as the Akashic Records?

Phylos - Your doubting its existence in no way precludes its existence any more than the clouds extinguish the sun. It is all within you. Some your teachers on Earth get frustrated rather quickly when they ask you to access your Akashic Records and you stumble about grasping for information. Ask for retrieval of the information and TRUST what you receive. The energies are very subtle and very fleeting until they are reinforced by your constant belief in them.

Alice - So it is my beliefs that allow me to access my Akashic Records?

Phylos - As always in matters spiritual, it is done to you according to your beliefs.

Alice - As the Keeper of the Akashic Records, what is your function?

Phylos - To keep everything running harmoniously. Easier than you think, for I am unlimited in my belief system as part of the Source, so nothing is impossible to me. No collection of minutia is too difficult. All runs in perfect harmony because all is set in accordance to Cosmic Law and cosmic timing.

You need not fear that if you don't "get it right" in this incarnation, that you are a loser or are left behind. Your unfoldment into Spirit flows at the pace you set -No one else.

Phylos, Keeper of the Akashic Records

Monday, 01 April 2013 Light and Truth Within - Phylos - Keeper of the Akashic Records

(The next few channelings came in in June of 2009, but are just as relevant today as they were when I received them. The last channeling prepares us for what is to come in Dec 2012)

Phylos, Keeper of the Akashic Records.

Phylos: There is a Recorder Guide close to you recording your every thought. It is from your thoughts that your actions arise. Your thoughts guide you to a higher vibration or to a lower one. The output of your energy is simply your thoughts in motion.

Alice: What are the Akashic Records?

Phylos: A compilation of your entire history on this and other planets and other life forms. The sum total record of all the lives you have led, all the incarnations you have been: animal, vegetable, or mineral.

Alice: Who records this and how is it recorded?

Phylos: The Recorder Guide, who is never absent from you, has a computer calculator that records, stores, files, and summarizes your history and stories. There is no judgment. Nothing is labeled "good" or "bad". It is all labeled "experiences." The categories fall into: Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual. Those four are your pillars of strength. Every move "upward" is tabulated as moving you closer to the Source that you are, the move "downward" moves you farther away. Close and far is the sum total to where you are in vibrational energy to the God Mind within.

Alice: So the computer calculator is the method of storage of all we think, which ends up in what we do?

Phylos: The Recorder Guide never misses anything, not in your conscious mind, nor in your subconscious mind. Nothing is hidden. Maybe to self, but not to Self.

Phylos, June 4, 2009