September 7, 2013

Light and Truth Within – Angel of Peace and Harmony

Angel of Peace and Harmony, artwork by Leanne M. Williams.

Your vision of a New Earth is what will create the New Earth. You bring forth a new Earth by the thoughts that elevate this place. All your needs will be provided for. They are now. There is nothing you lack to do what you came here to do. The upbeat and positive attitude will gain more followers that brow beating ever could.

An upbeat attitude, a held-fast vision of peace and harmony, an intent to heal will bring the results that you desire for the inhabitants of the planet. Bring forth your vision daily.

Let go of the need to control others. Hold fast to your vision to achieve the results you wish. A vision has always been the key to change. Only those who hold a vision for a new Earth bring forth those results.

Natural boundaries contain invasive species. Thus will natural boundaries corral those whose vision is not One with Source. You are moving into a thousand years of peace and harmony that has been promised you by all the Masters who have visited your planet. Your efforts will each be rewarded by the fruition of justice for all.

Angel of Peace and Harmony

AuthorAlice Jones