Light and Truth Within – Higher Self Higher Self - the highest consciousness of our 'Be'-ing - gives each of us wisdom and guidance.

Healing is accomplished by setting your intent. (“Please clear me and heal me, Oh Lord, so that I may better serve you.” is a mantra that I say daily.) Intent precedes desire. Intent precedes action. Your intent identifies that your desire is to serve the Higher Power, Source, the Presence of the Divine. There is no mistaking what your intent is.

What surfaces within you identifies what is important to you. Bring forth a knowing of when you sent your intent. Your own Higher Self guides you to a place of knowing. No further validation is necessary.

Your gut instinct, your sixth sense, tells you what is right for you, nothing else. Your sixth sense is connected to your feelings and your feeling are connected to God. Your base line sets the tone for what is truly important to you, none other. No one else’s desires for your life are going to overcome your baseline projection of what you yourself already know. Relax in the knowing. Be at one with the Divine essence of who you really are – Spirit having a human experience. Anything else will confuse you and cause you to feel unsettled within yourself.

You can continue to follow all types of belief systems that deter you from the path towards your Higher Self, but none will fully satisfy you. Something will be missing. That “something” addresses the core of your “Be”-ing, which is Spirit.

Higher Self

AuthorAlice Jones
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