Monday, 08 April 2013 Light and Truth Within - Phylos, Keeper of the Akashic Records

Channeling with Phylos (cont'd from 6/04/09)

Phylos, Keeper of the Akashic Records.

Alice: Provided I am in the Hall of Records in the 5th dimension, what will I see?

Phylos: Each person's experience is different. you already have had your own. Each person is given exactly the information they need at the moment they ask for it. Sometimes a person's ego flares up and rejects as untenable the information it is given.

Alice: Untenable?

Phylos: Unworkable, not something they want to hear, so they dismiss it and grope in the darkness for other "workable" solutions that will not solve their problems, but ones which are more palatable to the ego. This is what keeps people trapped in victimhood. "Your greatest strengths are sometimes viewed as your greatest weaknesses by your ego." You have heard that before. It came from me. (This same "truth" is also reiterated in A Course in Miracles.)

Alice: Can we each access our Akashic Records anytime we wish to help us with any problem or impasse we are having in our life?

Phylos: They can only be access in the stillness of your mind. Some can get there instantly. Others take a little more time. Yes, they can be accessed by each of you as you need information to help you move mountains, boulders, or pebbles.

Phylos, Keeper of the Akashic Records

March 29, 2011

The Light and Truth Within - The Deva of Spring

Spring flowers.

We only ask that you listen to us in the stillness of your soul. We provide multiple opportunities for quiet appreciation. We bathe you in light, whether it be sunlight, starlight, or moonlight to illuminate your way. Come visit with us and commune with us in the myriad ways we are present on your planet.

We are the ones who are responsible for all living things. Because of us, your plants grow, your trees reach towards the sky, your streams flow towards the oceans. Your planet is alive through our presence. Your rocks and minerals are not inanimate. They all have Spirit within them, our Spirit.

Allow us to nurture you when you feel lost and alone. Come sit with us in a garden, wherever that may be. Walk with us in the wilderness or the open green spaces in your congested areas. Parks are all around you. Five minutes spent in a park sitting quietly, feeding the bird or squirrels, will revitalize you more that any drink will.

Pay attention to the flashes of light that you see in your peripheral vision; our tiny beings flitting by. They, too, would like their presence acknowledged. Warn us when you are going to ruthlessly trim away our homes. We live on every branch, on every twig, on every blade of grass, in every flower. We live on land, in the water, in the air, in the fire. These are our homes.

Appreciate our handiwork. Smile gently, look upon us with love, for we love what we do, and we bask in the glow of appreciation for what we bring forth. Your spring is an especially fertile time for our work. We outdo ourselves in delighting you. Sometimes our grandest efforts bring no notice. Look below your feet when you step in the forest to see the results of our work. We are present everywhere that nature can be seen, down to the smallest plant growing through a crack in the asphalt.

We belong to the Angelic Kingdom, a division of the Angels. Our universe exists entirely in miniature. Cherish us the way you cherish the doll house you construct or assemble. We smile at you from every little flower under your feet as you trample through the woods unknowingly. Be careful where you walk. Earth is sacred ground. Honor her and all her projections and you honor us.

Expand your awareness by learning more about us and our habitats. Allow your heart to guide you. There are many books written about us; all contain an element of truth. Some describe our habits better than others. You will be lead to the ones that are right for you. Honor us, for we grace your life with such beauty unaware.

The Deva of Spring

February 22, 2011

The Light and Truth Within - St. Michael

Archangel St. Michael, painted by Guido Reni.

If you lived in a state of perpetual “light” would you even know what “light” was? It is the contrast that brings you the understanding. Can you know what “up” is you have no concept of “down?” “High” if no concept of “low?” “Big” if no concept of “little?” The contrast solidifies your contract. You choose to come here to experience another state of “reality,” a “reality” of your making. This is just “you” finding another part of “you” to experience, my child. There is no good or bad about it. It is all of your choosing.

Every hurricane has an eye where only stillness resides. The hurricane some of you call your life also has an eye, a place of perfect stillness that resides in the center of your heart. No one can live without a heart. Even though some parts of you can be replaced, should your heart be replaced, you bring the other person’s stillness into you. You are not this little helpless person who is buffeted by every storm, swayed by every persuasion, victimized by every bully, and left in a crumbled heap on the floor of your life. You are not that. You are a piece of God – a trillionth share of God – you have the same power to create as God creates, through thought. You come from Spirit, you return to Spirit. You maintain contact with all the other aspect of Self and all your loved ones, but the veil is thick, just as a smokescreen is thick. But how much substance does a smokescreen have? None! How many are willing to plow through the smokescreen to get to the other side?

How do you even plow through the smokescreen? Through meditation and contemplation, through the silence in your own heart, through the three-fold flame that exists inside you. Approach the stillness with respect and reverence, for it is the stillness that connects you to the highest aspect of Self. Breathe through everything else. Solutions to all your problems paths to your endeavors are revealed to you in the stillness of your breath, the stillpoint that you pass from apex of inbreath to outbreath, from outbreath to inbreath. Soon you become your Higher Self as you learn there is no distinction between self and Self. Just as there is no difference in miracles, “one is not harder or bigger than the other,” there is no distinction in Selves, one is not more connected than the other. One is simply more aware than the other. Higher Self can be a misnomer. It can only be applied to awareness, a concept not impossible to you to grasp in this lifetime.

Yes, because you have had such a a difficult time accepting Spirit’s call for your Self, because you know the anxiety and tremors that people go through when asked to align with their Spirit mind, qualify and discern what it is that you wish to have appear in your life. It will show up. “Ask and ye shall receive” was promised you by Master Jesus when he walked the earth. You will never be denied what you ask for. You decide what makes your life “tick,” accept what you wish to show up, reject what you do not wish to have. You even have the right to reject your own creations.

Let nothing stand in the way of your surfacing to the top and gasping your breath of freedom from the confines and restrictions of ego. All the years of preparation, study, classes, courses, workshops are paying off. Each time you bring us in to help you, you acknowledge the Higher aspect of Self that is connected to the Creator. It is you speaking through the assistance of all the aspects of Self that connect you to Prime Source.

I Am your badge of Courage, St Michael 2/22/11