Thursday, 16 May 2013 Light and Truth Within - St. Michael

(This will be the last update until June 4, 2013)

Think not like a human, but rather like the Angelic Being that you are becoming. Only that which serves all of humankind will be allowed to stay. The vibrational level of the HU-man is increasing and is potentially affecting all the rest of what the human encounters.

Archangel St. Michael, painted by Guido Reni.

Bring forth healing for those who come toward you. Only those who request healing will receive it. Ask and it is given. Everything depends on what you ask for. When making your request, bring forth that which is dear to your heart, even when that is tinged with seemingly impossible odds. The odds are not stacked against you even though the way cannot be seen.

Bring about that which is close to your heart. You have prepared over multiple lifetimes to be at this point of light. Know that your tasks have already been completed.

When all avenues seem closed, that is only a temporary condition. Something new is being asked of you. Ask to be told what that is and you will be given the means of achieving what is being demanded of you. Listen for the answers. All is given as requested.

St. Michael

Monday, 13 May 2013 Light and Truth Within - St. Michael, the Archangel of Courage

Bring forth what you know through your teachings, whether they be written or spoken. Relax in the knowing the the entire Angelic realm awaits your orders. Decide how you wish for your life to unfold; how you wish your life to look. Then act on that decision.

Archangel St. Michael, painted by Guido Reni.

Be bold! Your vision to serve God has been the defining characteristic of the path of your soul. Retain no fears of retribution from past lives that you will be brutally stopped in place. Bring forth with comity and with joy all that lies within you.

No longer can the forces of power stage a resistance to that which is desired by Source.

The light that came to the planet on December 12 and Dec 21 affected all mankind even when it appeared not so.

The forces of Light come from every direction to uncover that which no longer serves the evolution of the souls on the third dimension. The forces of Light come from the entire Angelic realm through the light of the Christ consciousness. This can neither be denied nor diminished. Bring forth the bounty of work that has been waiting to be released.

St. Michael, the Archangel of Courage

Thursday, 09 May 2013 Light and Truth Within - St. Michael

Remove fear and doubt from your energy "Be-"ing so that you become one with the Divine Light. Pray not only for the strength of others to survive their challenges, but also for the strength of self to do so.

Archangel St. Michael, painted by Guido Reni.

Bring forth what you know with all the confidence and grace that your soul brings you. The Light of Grace lights your path. Hesitate not at the criticism of others who disagree with you. There will always be the critics who find fault, no matter what.

Consider the Source only. Your path was defined long before you arrived here. Not only are you destined to be amongst the teachers of God, but to do so on a massive scale.

Your path is not for the fainthearted. Utilize all the healing energies I bring you through the Sword of Truth. I embolden you with the exquisite blue light that blazes before you. Explain not to those who question why you choose to do what you do. Rely on on your Higher Self. That is the Guide you must lean on.

You are becoming your own Higher Self. Trust it.

St. Michael

Saturday, 04 May 2013 Light and Truth Within - St. Michael

You are never alone. You just think you are. Your Spirit guides and ancestors surround you every waking and sleeping minute. There is never a time when you are isolated from their loving presence.

Archangel St. Michael, painted by Guido Reni.

You simply have to access it through your feelings. Let your feelings be your guide. When your thoughts run rampage over you, bring your feelings back to God. Not the God of your fathers, a critical and judgmental God, but the God of a new world order.

Bring forth what you know, for what you know is good enough. Let go of the need to have everyone's approval for what you do. Approval seeking is for the faint of heart. Those who lead do so by an inner strength that surpasses the need for approval. Tap into that inner strength.

No longer will the words of others bind you to a "little" life. Fly. Spread your wings and fly away into the upper reaches of the cosmos and allow the thermals to help you glide.

St. Michael

Thursday, 02 May 2013 Light and Truth Within - St. Michael

Bring forth what you know. What you know is enough. If you bring forth what you know, what you know will save you. If you do not bring forth what you know, what you know will destroy you. (Gnostic Gospel of St. Thomas)

Archangel St. Michael, painted by Guido Reni.

Teach those who come toward you. Establish an on-line community for those who know and trust you, who seek you out for guidance. They are many and they vary in age and profession. Please take heart that all your years of struggle will have fruition in the lives of those you influence.

Truth is truth. There is no such thing as separation. It does not exist. You only think it does, and your thinking it is so makes it true for you.

Those of you who are holding a vision of community that is for the future: the future is NOW. You vision will manifest NOW exactly as you believe. Keep the vision fast in your mind of what you want your world to look like and it will happen the way your vision holds it in your mind.

St. Michael

Sunday, 28 April 2013 Light and Truth Within - St. Michael

The only reason that war exists, that poverty exists, that slave trafficking exists is because you believe it is possible. That is the only reason anything exists - you believe it is possible. Change your beliefs and you change the outcome.

Archangel St. Michael, painted by Guido Reni.

Some of you are now starting to envision another world; based on co-operation and trust and community. You envision a world based on collaborative effort between the rich and the poor: not just a hand-out, but a hand-up. This belief is the forerunner of what is to come. Because you hold the vision, you will bring it to pass. That is the way life works. That is the way God works. Whatever you hold up as a possibility comes into form. No more will you continue to wonder about miracles because they will be commonplace.

No more will there be any strife because strife is the sign of a barbaric society. No more will there be pain inflicted on one upon another, the kind of pain that brings emotional, mental, and physical sorrow to another due to emotional mental, and physical abuse heaped on another. That will all be a thing of the past.

You will have a society based upon a new world order, a society that brings forth creativity in each person, for creativity is an inherent characteristic of who you are.

St. Michael

March 28, 2011

The Light and Truth Within - St.Michael and his Legions

Archangel St. Michael, painted by Guido

Next time you are awakened in the middle of the night, my child, do not toss and turn in frustration. Rather, grab your notebook and start to write what we give you. The energies are so less competitive for your attention when the entire state is asleep. The voice of Spirit comes through strongly and clearly.

Those of you who are awakened in the middle of the night have a purpose to fulfill. You, too, are being called by Spirit to bring forth the message of Oneness; you are One Mind; you come from One Source; you bring forth clarity of “Be“-ing from whence you came. You cannot hear that Voice in the clamor of your day for you are too easily distracted.

Bring forth the best that is within you by standing unafraid to be exactly who you are. Your glow comes from within, for your light shines from the core of your “Be”-ing. Do not expect others to reflect your light unless you shine it on them. By hiding your light, you diminish the best part of your Self. By hiding your light “under a bushel,” do not expect others to guess the special “mystery” about you. Stand in your truth. There are many gentle ways to do that. Pause for a moment before you speak and listen to our guidance. If you ask for it, we give it to you.

Do not be afraid of speaking your truth for fear that others will be threatened by you. “Those who have ears will hear.” The rest will fall away from you. Those who need to hear what you have to say will be magnetized towards you. Others will fade away and have no interaction or influence in your life. No more insecurities or fear of how your peer group will react when they hear what interests you. No longer is the opinion of the masses so insignificant as it is now. That window has closed and yours is now open, or rather you open your own window by claiming your place as a Voice for God.

I initiate each of you who steps forward to proclaim your truth for the Oneness of all of Creation. As I sink my sword deep into your core, I infuse you with strength, with courage, with fortitude, with grace, so that you continue to bring forth your certain gifts for the betterment of all mankind.

Never has there been a time when so many have recognized the truth within themselves; and fought so hard to claim it. Our legions of Angels stand ready to guide and assist your every move when you ask for help. You must ask for our help, for we never violate your free will to do it your self.

There is no way you will not prevail in your efforts to bring peace to the planet. This has been promised you and you have all come here to fulfill that promise.

We love you and lend you our mighty sword of Courage. St Michael and his Legions 3/28/11

February 22, 2011

The Light and Truth Within - St. Michael

Archangel St. Michael, painted by Guido Reni.

If you lived in a state of perpetual “light” would you even know what “light” was? It is the contrast that brings you the understanding. Can you know what “up” is you have no concept of “down?” “High” if no concept of “low?” “Big” if no concept of “little?” The contrast solidifies your contract. You choose to come here to experience another state of “reality,” a “reality” of your making. This is just “you” finding another part of “you” to experience, my child. There is no good or bad about it. It is all of your choosing.

Every hurricane has an eye where only stillness resides. The hurricane some of you call your life also has an eye, a place of perfect stillness that resides in the center of your heart. No one can live without a heart. Even though some parts of you can be replaced, should your heart be replaced, you bring the other person’s stillness into you. You are not this little helpless person who is buffeted by every storm, swayed by every persuasion, victimized by every bully, and left in a crumbled heap on the floor of your life. You are not that. You are a piece of God – a trillionth share of God – you have the same power to create as God creates, through thought. You come from Spirit, you return to Spirit. You maintain contact with all the other aspect of Self and all your loved ones, but the veil is thick, just as a smokescreen is thick. But how much substance does a smokescreen have? None! How many are willing to plow through the smokescreen to get to the other side?

How do you even plow through the smokescreen? Through meditation and contemplation, through the silence in your own heart, through the three-fold flame that exists inside you. Approach the stillness with respect and reverence, for it is the stillness that connects you to the highest aspect of Self. Breathe through everything else. Solutions to all your problems paths to your endeavors are revealed to you in the stillness of your breath, the stillpoint that you pass from apex of inbreath to outbreath, from outbreath to inbreath. Soon you become your Higher Self as you learn there is no distinction between self and Self. Just as there is no difference in miracles, “one is not harder or bigger than the other,” there is no distinction in Selves, one is not more connected than the other. One is simply more aware than the other. Higher Self can be a misnomer. It can only be applied to awareness, a concept not impossible to you to grasp in this lifetime.

Yes, because you have had such a a difficult time accepting Spirit’s call for your Self, because you know the anxiety and tremors that people go through when asked to align with their Spirit mind, qualify and discern what it is that you wish to have appear in your life. It will show up. “Ask and ye shall receive” was promised you by Master Jesus when he walked the earth. You will never be denied what you ask for. You decide what makes your life “tick,” accept what you wish to show up, reject what you do not wish to have. You even have the right to reject your own creations.

Let nothing stand in the way of your surfacing to the top and gasping your breath of freedom from the confines and restrictions of ego. All the years of preparation, study, classes, courses, workshops are paying off. Each time you bring us in to help you, you acknowledge the Higher aspect of Self that is connected to the Creator. It is you speaking through the assistance of all the aspects of Self that connect you to Prime Source.

I Am your badge of Courage, St Michael 2/22/11