Light and Truth Within – St. Raphael Bartolomé Esteban Murillo's painting of Saint Raphael the Archangel.

Healing is the Way, the Truth and the Light. You heal yourself. You bring about what you think about. There is no escape from the consequences of your thoughts. You bring justification to all manner of errant thoughts and self-righteousness about the direction of your life. You are standing still in the gestation of your own making.

Let go of any thoughts that are not for your Highest Good, even if those thoughts bring discomfort to your ego-self. Your Highest Good stands alone as the maker of your reality if you allow it.

As always, you have the free will to choose. You can choose the path of self-destruction as easily as the path of Self-Construction. It is always up to you to lessen your burden when you choose to follow the Light.

Bring gaiety into your life. Look around you for all the events that cost you nothing except your time. Not everything has to be looked upon so seriously. Leave time for laughter, for frivolity, for following your bliss, if only for the day.

St. Raphael

July 24, 2013

Light and Truth Within – St Raphael

Bartolomé Esteban Murillo's painting of Saint Raphael the Archangel.

Remember, you can only offer healing to others. They are the healers. What they do with the energies you bring forth to them is up to them. They utilize the energies for their own healing, or not, as they desire.

Each person’s desire to be healed must override their desire to stay in the illusion they have created for themselves, whether that illusion is to stay a victim, a martyr, a saboteur, a judge, or any other possibility they have selected.

You can allow the disparaging words of others to stop you in your tracks, but that is your ego flaring up. Relax the grip of the ego on your Spirit. To be “dis”-spirited is to be in the grips of the ego. The ego consistently wishes to keep you stirred up in emotional upheaval. This is impossible within the realm of Spirit. Spirit stays calm, non-judgmental, free from the terror of war and conflict. Each person can learn to relax the domination of the ego. No one from the outside can demand the complete allegiance of another, although many attempt to do this. Their egos flare up constantly as they seek domination over a group.

Do not set up a desire in your mind about the need to dominate another person’s ego. That is an impossible task. Spirit does not seek domination over. Spirit is content within its own being because it knows nothing else exists. All the rest is illusion meant only to teach you lessons.

St. Raphael

The Light and Truth Within - St. Raphael and the Cosmic Brotherhood of White Light

March 25, 2011

Bartolomé Esteban Murillo's painting of Saint Raphael the Archangel.

I am in charge of your self-examination. You no longer have the luxury of waiting eons to see the “results” of your choices. Your thoughts are being made manifest instantly. What you think is what you experience while in Spirit. What you think is what you will experience while in form. Expect no other process. This is the Law of Attraction manifesting your thoughts.

See the process as part of the whole of what you are, a “Be”-ing in Spirit having a human experience. Allow nothing to stand in the way of what you wish to manifest. Allow no thoughts to keep you from your desires. Let no consideration of another’s feelings about what you wish for yourself to influence you. You are here to fulfill your own agenda, not that of someone else.

Whatever hurts you to the quick is what is trapped within you. Feelings that may have been unresolved for centuries are coming to the surface to be healed. No longer will you be allowed to stuff negative emotions back into your body with no consequence in this lifetime. Every ache and pain means something. Examine how you feel to reveal what lurks beneath the surface, what is trapped emotionally within your body. Your body of itself is neutral and is also a self-healing mechanism.

No teacher of yours, regardless of what form they take–parent, spouse, significant other, friend, neighbor, or co-worker—can supplant the Voice of the Holy Spirit within you. Your Direct Connection to God (DC to G) is the guiding principle of your life. Allow the Voice within to guide you to your next endeavor.

Some of you mystify others with your choices, choices that those who love you feel are reckless and uncaring about your future. No longer can you keep from making the choices that magnify your soul. By allowing the Voice of the Holy Spirit within, the Voice for God to lead you, you cement your relationship to the Highest aspect of your “Be”-ing, that which is the God-head within. You heal all the broken bits of you that were once strewn across the cosmos; you bring back the soul fragments scattered amongst planetary systems elsewhere.

You now journey into the Wholeness of ONE. We ask nothing more of you than the courage to follow your own internal guidance, NO MATTER WHAT!

We honor your process, your challenges, and stand ready to give you all the support you need. We bless the misgivings you may have along the way and ask for a special infusion of Grace to assist you in the endeavors you have chosen.

We stand in the Light of Grace with you, The Cosmic Brotherhood of White Light 3/25/11

The Light and Truth Within – St. Raphael

March 24, 2011

Bartolomé Esteban Murillo's painting of Saint Raphael the Archangel.

(Today’s channeling continued the theme of my A Course In Miracles Workbook Lesson # 199, “I am not a body. I am free.”)

I Am free as God created me. I Am free to seek pursuits that allow my Spirit to grow exponentially through my connection to the Divine.

I Am free to hear the Voice of Spirit while in body, to bring forth the gifts of the Holy Spirit: patience, humility, love, compassion, benevolent feelings all towards my fellow man, no matter who, no matter what the circumstances of their existence.

I Am free from restrictions of bias, of judgment, of ridicule, of criticism, no matter what my ego mind thinks of the person or situation.

I Am free to spread the Light of Grace to all mankind, to help illuminate their path toward freedom, even when their path is strewn with misconceptions placed there by their ego mind.

I Am free to find the best in humankind, to look with benevolence on all the foibles that man thrusts upon themselves and on each other. No matter what their illusions are, they, too, are God.

I Am free to find my own way, through my assorted illusions, some larger, some smaller, that cause me to stumble, free to pick myself up to start again on my journey towards “knowing.”

I Am free to pick through the assorted teachings that religions have brought forth, to pick and choose that which serves the light I Am. Religions are meant to serve as a guide, not as the ultimate authority. The God within is the ultimate authority. I must eventually choose what honors my life path.

I AM free to believe or not in my destiny as a “Be”-ing who lives forever, for truly, there is no death. I simply shed the vehicle through which my soul journeys for a short time through infinity.

I Am free to explore other planes of existence, which I do nightly as my soul releases from my body as I sleep; free to traipse throughout the cosmos, deciding what my next “fit” will be. The cosmos offers me multiple opportunities for the growth of my soul. I choose whether or not to participate.

I Am free to decide what role to take each time I step out of the realm of Spirit. It is always my choice whether to play the role of the perpetrator or the victim. I decide, no one else. My Council of Twelve helps guide me towards my next role according to the plan I have developed for myself.

I Am free to choose whether or not I will ever again incarnate in a dense dimension while I reside in Spirit form. It is always my choice to leave the Spirit realm. I Am Spirit having a human experience if and when I choose to have one.

I Am, I Am, I Am your loving guide, St. Raphael, the Healer of God 3/24/11

March 20, 2011

The Light and Truth Within – Archangel Raphael

Bartolomé Esteban Murillo's painting of Saint Raphael the Archangel.

Do you want to see God? Look in the mirror. You have to go no farther away than that. You are guided back to your “true” self every step of your journey. Earth is the planet of forgetfulness, but it is also the planet of forgiveness and the only person you must forgive is yourself for having the willingness to come into a dimension in which all memory of “home” is erased.

Healing is an art – the art of self-forgiveness. Become aware of all the negative thoughts that are lurking within, hiding within the folds and crevices of your “Be”-ing, folds and crevices that smooth out as soon as you accept your God-Self. Healing comes from within. All healing is self-directed by increasing awareness of how you can do something differently than you are doing it.

What is unhealed within you? Your outer experience will show you. Whatever you experience outside of yourself is what is needed to be healed within. Some need healing as they enter their transitioned state, those who had violent or traumatic passage in Spirit. Some are so confused, some are hysterical, some create a “hell” that they “knew” was there for them upon death. Each receives a shower bath of light. Each is given balm in the form of loving energy to help them accept their new state of being. Some adapt to the new environment pretty quickly. Those who perpetrated atrocities on others sometimes need to be placed in slumber until the splintered pieces of their soul can be put back together, fused back into a cohesive whole. The soul that slumbers is not allowed back into another dimension until after it has been strengthened and re-aligned with Divine purpose. Still, on this, the third dimension, you have the freedom to choose what you will do while in form and how you will do it.

We only help you when you ask us to. We don’t infringe on your free will to make all the messes you desire. When you have had enough, when you crumble in despair, when you are outraged to the core of your “Be”-ing, you generally ask for help or you die. Transition is the better word, for there is no death. There is never a fraction of a moment that you will cease to be. No even one millisecond. Your existence did not come from you but from the Divine Source that resides within the casing you call your soul. The soul always was and always will be and assimilates back into Spirit, back into the Oneness.

Those of you who claim you have “no time,” think again. You have as much time as everyone else. Everything depends upon how you prioritize your time. You have all the time to do what you want to do. What do you want? Simply stating a goal is sometimes enough to shift you towards that goal. Seeing it as a “fait accompli” is also important. Having set your intent to be someone you know you have the potential of being sets the goal in motion. Keeping up your daily tasks of working towards the goal is critical. The picture won’t paint itself. You are the one who has to pick up the brush and apply the paint to the canvass. However, asking for an acclaimed artist in spirit is the fastest way to complete the picture. All their techniques will come through you. They were known as masters in their day, sometimes after their passing, and brought all their skills into the spirit plane which they are readily and happily willing to share with you; the same with the beloved poets and writers and statesmen who have passed before you. Ask for their help and you will be pleasantly surprised how smoothly and quickly your chores are done. Your daily effort is critical to the completion of your goals.

I am Archangel Raphael, one who heals

March 19, 2011

The Light and Truth Within – Archangel Raphael

Bartolomé Esteban Murillo's painting of Saint Raphael the Archangel.

At some point, each of you acknowledge that you are spirit having a human experience, not the other way around, human with a spiritual side to your nature. How long that realization takes is up to you. There is no time outside of this dimension.

Your growth in understanding is exponential. You have only to change one thought here and everything related to all the planes of your existence will change. By changing your present, you change your past and your future. They are all connected.

You take each lifetime to learn about one facet of an issue. If you further wish to explore abandonment, you may experience your parents leaving you, a spouse deserting you, a best friend betraying you, a beloved sibling dying prematurely. You will feel abandoned on every side of your existence, until you recognize the pattern and release the feeling of abandonment from your energy field. Releasing negative feelings requires you to forgive the people and the circumstances of your life, regardless of how much pain you experienced.

This is possible when you realize that you are an eternal being, live forever, and are never really abandoned by the spiritual realm that guides your learning every minutes of your existence. If a glimmer of recognition comes through, you will feel release from pain. If you recognize that you are spirit having a human experience, you will feel release from pain.

Sometimes you do not recognize that everything that happens to you has a “theme,” have no idea that each event is related. If no recognition comes through, you may leave this plane embittered by the experience. This keeps you bound to the wheel of karma, and you set up another set of circumstances to repeat the lesson until you “get it.” Through forgiveness, you release from the wheel of karma; you no longer have to repeat what you sought to learn while in spirit form.

You are never given a challenge bigger that you are able to handle, regardless how difficult it may appear to your ego self. Some of you feel that you are a magnet for “crisis,” that each event magnifies your feelings of abandonment or whatever issue you are working on. Look for the pattern that keeps repeating itself. By recognizing the pattern, you will have the insight you need to cope with the next set of circumstances that come along.

We monitor every moment of your existence on this plane of existence. Call on us to help you whenever the challenges overwhelm you, when you feel suffocated by the events of your life, when it feels as if even God has abandoned you. It is at your lowest ebb that your greatest growth appears. Call on us to help you. We are always available to you when you ask for our help, but we never usurp your free will and we do not do your work for you.

I am of the Healing Light, Archangel Raphael