Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Light and Truth Within - Muse of Writing

Write about your experiences. Write about that which you know in the depth of your heart. Write about that which puzzles you. Just write. Write daily to keep the flow going. Do not think, just write. Do not go into a place of remorse, regret or recrimination. Just write.

Kiss of the Muse, (1859-60) by Paul Cezanne

Have a pad of paper close to you at all times, whether in a briefcase, on a desk, in a purse, or on a night stand. They are all relevant in capturing fleeting thoughts that come through you. Just write. Know that your Spirit guides are consistently with you encouraging you to capture that which is inside of you.

Have no fear that you will be persecuted for your writing. Have no fear for that time is past. Those who disagree with you today are entitled to their opinion just as you are entitled to yours. They are of one mindset. You are of another. Each person comes from his or her own perspective based on his or her own perception. And we all know where perception comes from.

Your journey is to educate the masses that have ears and are open to hear a new way of thinking, the way of Oneness. Not all are ready to hear your message, but those who are will be nourished to the depths of their soul. Be there for them.

Muse of Writing.

AuthorAlice Jones

March 28, 2011

The Light and Truth Within - St.Michael and his Legions

Archangel St. Michael, painted by Guido

Next time you are awakened in the middle of the night, my child, do not toss and turn in frustration. Rather, grab your notebook and start to write what we give you. The energies are so less competitive for your attention when the entire state is asleep. The voice of Spirit comes through strongly and clearly.

Those of you who are awakened in the middle of the night have a purpose to fulfill. You, too, are being called by Spirit to bring forth the message of Oneness; you are One Mind; you come from One Source; you bring forth clarity of “Be“-ing from whence you came. You cannot hear that Voice in the clamor of your day for you are too easily distracted.

Bring forth the best that is within you by standing unafraid to be exactly who you are. Your glow comes from within, for your light shines from the core of your “Be”-ing. Do not expect others to reflect your light unless you shine it on them. By hiding your light, you diminish the best part of your Self. By hiding your light “under a bushel,” do not expect others to guess the special “mystery” about you. Stand in your truth. There are many gentle ways to do that. Pause for a moment before you speak and listen to our guidance. If you ask for it, we give it to you.

Do not be afraid of speaking your truth for fear that others will be threatened by you. “Those who have ears will hear.” The rest will fall away from you. Those who need to hear what you have to say will be magnetized towards you. Others will fade away and have no interaction or influence in your life. No more insecurities or fear of how your peer group will react when they hear what interests you. No longer is the opinion of the masses so insignificant as it is now. That window has closed and yours is now open, or rather you open your own window by claiming your place as a Voice for God.

I initiate each of you who steps forward to proclaim your truth for the Oneness of all of Creation. As I sink my sword deep into your core, I infuse you with strength, with courage, with fortitude, with grace, so that you continue to bring forth your certain gifts for the betterment of all mankind.

Never has there been a time when so many have recognized the truth within themselves; and fought so hard to claim it. Our legions of Angels stand ready to guide and assist your every move when you ask for help. You must ask for our help, for we never violate your free will to do it your self.

There is no way you will not prevail in your efforts to bring peace to the planet. This has been promised you and you have all come here to fulfill that promise.

We love you and lend you our mighty sword of Courage. St Michael and his Legions 3/28/11