Little Rock, AK, 2015

Little Rock, AK, 2015


Alice “Alicja” Jones was born in Tomaszow Lubelski, Poland on VE day with a “caul” (a portion of the amniotic sac) covering her face— in the Polish culture, an omen of great psychic ability. Able to sense subtle energies at a young age, she paid no attention to her gifts for a long time.

Raised by hard-working, immigrant parents, she arrived in America at age 3½. Inherently ambitious, she embraced their work ethic. She spent her childhood and young adulthood focused on her education, ultimately graduating with a Liberal Arts degree from the University of Michigan, with an English Major and minors in Psychology, History, Speech and Drama. Then came a second marriage, two kids, two pets, a large home, a fledgling real estate office and property management company that she and her husband started.  Her hectic life, tasks, and obligations barely left her time for anything else, much less for Spirit. 

One day in the 1980's, Spirit told Alice “Alicja” Jones clearly in her mind that she was to teach about God. She protested vehemently; "I am not a minister. I am not a minister’s wife. I am not a minister’s daughter. How can I possibly teach about God?"  The voice retreated briefly, but soon began awakening her in the middle of the night between the hours of 2:00 am and 4:00 am, with messages about God streaming through her head.  This voice would not remain silent until she wrote these messages down on her computer.  Since she had been journaling from the age of twenty-one, recording messages from Spirit came to her naturally.  They became the basis of her Angel Journal that she kept for three years. These messages from Spirit continued and ultimately evolved into her first book, God is the Biggest Joker of All, whose title refers to the fact that the biggest joke on the planet is that we are separate from God

Alice's Catholic faith taught her that God is omnipresent therefore, everything exists within the mind of God.  Since everything exists within the mind of God, just because we have separate bodies does not mean that we are outside of God. We are within God and thus, we are not separate from God. Ultimately we all go back to God. Our outcome is guaranteed.

During this time she was a real estate broker by day and a closet mystic by night.

In December 1995, she began to study A Course in Miracles which became a catalyst for her seriously pursuing her spiritual path.  She began studying and practicing as an energy healer and psychic under the mentorship of Wanda Lasseter-Lundy, a medical healing intuitive, spiritual healer, and teacher.  Alice “Alicja” Jones increased and perfected her skills and began offering her services to family and friends in 1998.  She became an ordained Minister, a co-founder of, and the Lead Minister of the Rays of Healing Church in Falls Church, VA, where she has lectured since 2002 on over 100 metaphysical subjects.

Because of her busy energy healing career and responsibilities in real estate, she virtually stopped writing the channeled messages she continued to receive from Spirit. In 1999, Alice “Alicja” Jones slipped on ice and broke her left wrist—resulting in a two month recuperation period leaving her with minimal mobility and tremendous pain because she refused to take pain medication. During the recuperation period, she returned to recording Spirit’s messages to her.  Across the span of two years, she filled fifteen legal writing pads with Spiritual messages.  Over the past twenty years, she has continued to edit, organize and compile these messages into what has become her recently released new book, Own Your Power: Day by Day  - 365 Meditations for Clearing Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Blockages to Becoming Your Higher Self. 

Own Your Power: Day by Day contains a meditation for each day of the year, loosely organized into seven steps for understanding Spirit’s direction in your life: 1) The Outer Reflects the Inner, 2) Make Different Choices, 3) Believe that it is Possible, 4) Write it Down, 5) Choose Yourself, 6) Cocoon, 7) Connect to Your Divine Source.

These meditations are messages of Love, of Hope, of Compassion, of energy healing, of trusting ourselves, of forgiveness, of the roles we play, that everything is a mirror to what is inside of us, of the power of our thoughts, how past lives influence us today, staying in the now, clearing out limiting beliefs, and a description of our energy bodies. The seven steps also continue with the value of writing it down, recognizing the importance of our internal work in the silence, connecting with the Highest aspect of our “Be”-ing, going within and calming the ego mind. 

Because we have so many people contradicting what we feel, we learn NOT to trust ourselves or our feelings. We learn NOT to own the power of our thoughts. And this is what Own Your Power: Day by Day does for the reader: helps us to trust our feelings and to own the power of our thoughts

Each day's message is positive and upbeat and has a healing energy within its words. The words are imbued with the energy of Spirit's message. They resonate with the theme of unconditional Love that Spirit promotes throughout this book. 

Alice “Alicja” Jones' main goal has always been to empower others. She continues to channel Spirit’s way of looking at matter, which always comes from a different perspective than what our ego minds would have us believe. Spirit’s path is the way she has chosen to live her life. A Course in Miracles remains as the foundation of her spiritual beliefs. Through her prayers and sharing of Divine Truth in speeches, classes, lectures, healing sessions, spiritual and past life readings, she imparts sacred knowledge and understanding in order to bring clarity, insight and wisdom to all participants who are awakening to their own spiritual path.


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