Alice (“Alicja”) Jones – Master Reiki Healer and Teacher


Bring your body, mind, and spirit to new levels of vitality with Reiki, a form of energy healing.

Alice (“Alicja,” pronounced Ah-LEE-see-ah) Jones is a Certified Reiki Master Teacher, trained in the Usui tradition. She offers Reiki healing sessions and teaches Reiki, from Levels I – III as well as offering Master Classes in healing with Reiki energy.

Learn about Reiki Workshops with Alice (“Alicja”) Jones, so that you can become certified as a Reiki I, II, III, or even Master-level Reiki Healer in the Usui tradition.

Alice has been giving Reiki healing and teaching Reiki classes in Northern Virginia in for over a dozen years, with thousands of satisfied clients in North Virginia, Washington D.C., Maryland, and beyond. Her clients are passionate about Alice’s unique combination of intuitive insights and Reiki healing, which allows her to help them with energy healing and spiritual healing, while at the same time addressing their body’s needs.

People of all ages, and with a wide variety of physical, emotional, and spiritual concerns all benefit from Reiki healing. Reiki energy is both gentle and effective, and can be used safely even with children, the very sick and elderly, and even with pets – as well as with adults who wish to address long-term conditions or who simply want to improve their overall vital energy.

Usui Reiki Training Workshops and Certification with Alice Jones

Learn when Alice is offering Reiki Workshops – Dates and Times (All event dates/times are given on the Home Page for this website.)

Learn the details for the different workshops at Reiki Level I, II, III, or Master Level Training and Certification Workshops, held for small groups in Fairfax Station, VA.

Book a Private Reiki Healing Session with Alice Jones

Contact Alice to book a Reiki healing session: alicejones7 (at) verizon (dot) net.

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