Own Your Power Day by Day: 365 Meditations for Clearing Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Blockages to Becoming your Higher Self

This book chronicles 20 years of the author’s journey from an ego based life to a spirit based life. It  offers a single meditation for each day, one or two pages long, and a question and comment for reflection. It will help you eliminate those stumbling blocks that keep you from achieving your goals, dreams, and desires.  

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“I love this book. It speaks to your heart and soul. It is beautifully written and you can tell it comes straight from the writers soul. I am glad it is a day by day book because I can absorb it so much better this way. It is very thought provoking and soulful. I need to set it down and just think about it all after a read. Easy to understand, to grasp the concepts. Also...a plus for me..the print is dark and somewhat larger than a normal book. The book is about 730 pages. I have just bought my 4th book to give out as gifts this Christmas. I thank you for giving this to us Alice Jones!”
- Amazon review by Darlene, Dec. 14, 2018

“"Own Your Power: Day by Day" by Alice ("Alicja") Jones is a gentle yet uplifting set of 365 essays, no more than 2-3 pages each. It is a book that I've come to treasure, and have just sent copies to my nieces and my god-daughter as Christmas presents. While this book contains many references to spiritual teachings found in both the Bible and in the well-known "A Course in Miracles," it is more personal and comforting. It contains spiritual truths and insights, many of which learned over the course of years of seeking, study, and honest inquiry - as well as Guidance from the Holy Spirit.

I treat "Own Your Power" as a sort of spiritual companion to another well-known book, Sarah Ban Breathnach's "Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy." Both have simple, encouraging, and supportive daily essays. Both reflect the author's own journey - and sometimes their respective trials and pitfalls in coming to new levels of awareness and realizations. Both are very helpful as part of a daily practice.

When I give this book as a gift, as I've done with my nieces and my god-daughter this year, I like to give the hard-copy. That makes it likely to last for years, and it would be a good book in which someone can inscribe marginal notes, year after year. Because it fits so easily into a yearly reading pattern, these little notes would be a good way in which to connect with how we've felt in previous years. Alice Jones also mentions things that might seem a bit obscure or unusual at first, but which (over time) would be immensely practical and insightful. I feel that "Own Your Power" would also be a very good "heirloom book" - one that can be passed from mother to daughter over time, and be a great way in which to share a woman's spiritual journey and tradition of reflection.
To all my friends who travel, whether on extended trips or on daily commutes, I'm recommending that they download this on their Kindle or e-reader. Whether someone reads a essay each day, while commuting to work, or absorbs a larger "chunk" of essays (perhaps while on longer travels), this book is refreshing, grounding, and very gently thought-provoking. It provides an excellent antidote and balance to the hectic nature of travel.

I'm delighted that Alice (Alicja) has written this book, and that it now available to so many of us who will benefit by reading these delightful little essays!”
- Amazon review by Alianna M., Dec. 27, 2018

“I opened it to Jan 1st and decided that would be my first day and have been making my way through it. It has become essential to my self-care practice and daily reflections. This beautiful book is filled with daily insights that have been so helpful in my life. Alice (Alicja) has a wonderful way with words and has created a supplemental text that will definitely stand the test of time. For anyone looking to live a more purposeful life, releases blockages (shame, sadness, anger, encourage healing) this is a must have book for you. She has a way of emphasizing Love, Forgiveness and being of service to others as the pinnacle of the physical experience. With so much heart-ache and abuse of power in the world this book can help you find your place and ground you in firm self love, forgiveness and sharing your gifts with the world. For those who enjoy Gary Zukav, Dr. Brian Weiss, Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins, Louise Hay, Oprah, Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Michael Singer, Mooji, Brene Brown, Paulo Coelho and much more, the language of this book will soothe your soul and act as a next step in your spiritual path. Must have!”
- Amazon review by Amazon Customer, Dec. 13, 2018

“Own You Power is such a valuable and comprehensive book. Truly a Must read wherever you are on your spiritual journey.
Alice discusses numerous concepts that I come upon from many speakers of this time. Her accounts are so clear and often tied to her personal experience, making them crystal clear and offering depth of understanding.
Alice and her work/writings, readings are gifts to treasure. Thank you for being here Alice.”
- Amazon review by Garden of Eve, March 6, 2019


"Know your power to heal: words can destroy you or heal you-act like a balm, a solvent, a solution to a problem. What to do? What to do? Air your grievances and allow the other person to air his or hers. Just as you want to be listened to, listen to the other. Honor their perspective. Their perspective comes from their perception. All perception comes from the ego. The ego is insane, Therefore, all perception will be distorted. Everything is seen through the filter of your experience. Learn to replace perception with knowing. Knowing comes from the Truth. Knowing comes from the Divine, from Spirit. Knowing is part of the Oneness of Me, of Who I Am, of Who You Are. You are One with Me, One with the Father. We are One, One Being, One Substance, One Light. You are the Light of the World Just as you cannot separate the different particles of Light from the whole, we cannot separate you from the whole. We see you as One. The kingdom of God is within you. I AM within you. You are within Me. There is nothing else. You only understand the connection to Me by going within. You reach Me from within. There is nothing outside of you but what you put there. You look outside of yourself for validation of everything. You won't find it there. It doesn't exist outside of self. It exists within."

From: God is the Biggest Joker of All

… a book that I treasure and love. It’s a perennial favorite for my Christmas and birthday gift-giving list, and is one that I heartily encourage and endorse to friends, family, and students alike.”

”The book is simply and easily written, and is a blend (stylistically) between ‘Conversations with God’ and a memoir.”

“This is the kind of book that can be read in a few short hours, and is a “comfort read.” It’s a good one to pick up at the end of a long work day, while coming home from a business trip, or if staying at home with the flu. It is inspirational and heartwarming at the same time.
— Amazon review by Alianna J. Maren, Ph.D