Alice "Alicja" Jones (pronounced, Ah-LEE-see-ya) is a widely regarded channel, psychic, mystic, medium, teacher, healer, and practicing intuitive.

Born in Tomaszów Lubelski, Poland, with a caul over her face, an omen of high psychic ability, her first name – Stanislawa– translates into Light, and her middle name – Alicja, from which Alice is derived – translates into Truth. And that is what she brings to her Spiritual and Past Life readings — LIGHT AND TRUTH.

Alice "Alicja" Jones is a Minister of the Rays of Healing Church, intuitive counselor, and healer.  She is a Reiki Master Teacher in the Usui and Karuna traditions, a practitioner of Metatronic Healing, Quantum Touch, Access Consciousness, Matrix Energetics, and crystal healing. She has developed her own method of healing called Metatronic Healing Method, learned under the guidance of Metatron, which she teaches to her Reiki II and Reiki III students. She is continuously learning and expanding her knowledge and skills in the realm of energy healing.  A gifted writer, she shares her channeled messages from Spirit on her blog and is also the self-published author of God Is The Biggest Joker of All and the soon to be released Own Your Power: Communicating with Your Higher Self—Day by Day, which is currently in the hands of an agent. 

Besides sharing her gifts and knowledge through writing and teaching Reiki, Alice “Alicja” Jones gives regularly scheduled lectures on spirituality and metaphysics at Rays of Healing Church and at the Intuitive Wellness Center. As well, she facilitates a study group on A Course in Miracles at Sacred Circle Books and Gifts in Alexandria (Old Town) VA. She also offers spiritual and past life readings and energy healing sessions at Sacred Circle Books in Alexandria, VA, Mt. Mystic in Front Royal, VA, and at her private office in Fairfax Station, VA. 

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- channel
- psychic
- mystic
- medium
- teacher
- author
- healer
- practicing intuitive

- Minister of the Rays of Healing Church
- Reiki Master Teacher
(Usui & Karuna traditions)
- practitioner of Metratonic Healing, Quantum Touch, Access Consciousness, & Matrix Energetics

Psychic & Medium

Alice channels wisdom from Spirit, including: your angels, guides, ancestors, and Higher Power; the Archangels,  the Ascended Masters, Devic kingdom, Brotherhood of White Light, and Council of Twelve to bring you messages which many times include PAST LIVES and how they impact this life--offering clarification about relationships, health, career, education, and life purpose.


Alice is author of two books, God is the Biggest Joker of All (available from Amazon) and Own Your Power (release date in progress).


Intuitive Energy
Healer & Teacher

Alice is a gifted, intuitive, energy healer; Certified Master Teacher in the Usui Reiki tradition and practitioner of Metatron's Healing Method, she helps clients release blockages which can culminate in huge changes that lead to a fulfilled life. 

She also offers Reiki Training Workshops (up through Master Level certification) combined with training in Metatron's Healing Method.

Regular lectures on spirituality and healing are held at Rays of Healing Church and at the Intuitive Wellness Center.