Reiki and Metatron Healing Classes

Bring your body, mind, and spirit to new levels of vitality with Reiki, a form of energy healing, by working with Alice ("Alicja") Jones, a Reiki Master healer and teacher, working in North Virginia. Alicja offers sessions in Alexandria, Front Royal, and at her private office in Fairfax County, VA.

Jones has been giving Reiki healing sessions and teaching Reiki classes in Northern Virginia for over a dozen years, with thousands of satisfied clients in North Virginia, Washington D.C., Maryland, and beyond. Her clients are passionate about Alicja's unique combination of intuitive insights and Reiki healing, which allows her to help them with energy healing and spiritual healing, while at the same time addressing their body's needs.

People of all ages, and with a wide variety of physical, emotional, and spiritual concerns all benefit from Reiki healing. Reiki energy is both gentle and effective, and can be used safely even with children, the very sick and elderly, and even with pets - as well as with adults who wish to address long-term conditions or who simply want to improve their overall vital energy.

You can learn Reiki and be certified in the Usui Reiki tradition with Alice ("Alicja") Jones, in small private workshops held regularly in Fairfax County in North Virginia. Alice is a Certified Reiki Master trained in Usui Reiki. She offers Reiki Training Workshops and Certification - Reiki Level I, II, and III Certification - along with Usui Reiki Master Training and Certification, as well as Metatron Healing Workshops.

Alice teaches Reiki in small, intimate settings, where students receive individual attention, and can become certified Reiki Healers at Levels I, II, III (one-day workshop for each), and also as Reiki Master Healers (three-day workshop, typically held over a three month timeframe).

With the in-class Reiki practices of both giving and receiving Reiki healing energy, Alice’s students immediately gain the benefits of using Reiki, for both themselves and others. These benefits include a deep sense of relaxation, and release of stuck energy patterns, thus promoting optimal health and well-being.

If you have been thinking of taking Reiki for some time, NOW is the time! Join us for a very well rounded session that teaches all the intrinsic fact of Usui Reiki.

Available Class Dates (2019):

  • Reiki I ($200)
    Saturday, Jan. 11, 2020

  • Reiki II* ($200)
    Sunday, Oct. 20, 2019

  • Reiki III* ($200)
    Saturday, Nov. 23, 2019
    ***Additional Reiki III class for those who are not free on the weekend***

  • Reiki Master Teacher* ($300)
    2019 Class is in Progress (will continue for a 2nd session; exact date TBD by class group). April 2020 class will be announced next year.

  • Reiki Refresher (half off regular class price)
    For those who already had Reiki 1, 2, or 3, but wish to "refresh" their skills.


  • Time: 9AM – 6:00PM (each day/class)

  • Location: Fairfax Station, VA (near Burke Lake Park); full address to be given after registration

*Metatron's Healing Methods will be taught in this class.


***PLEASE write your name as you want it to appear on your Reiki certificate.***

Reiki I Training & Certification

What Will I Learn in Reiki I?

Under Reiki I – The information you will receive:

  • A discussion about Reiki in general

  • the History of Reiki, how it was founded, how it came to the United States, why it was discredited, and how that became rectified

  • Reiki Symbols – how and why the receipt of the symbols have changed from an oral tradition to a written tradition

  • How Reiki empowers you – your belief in it – knowing where to send it

  • What you sense when you receive Reiki

  • Guidelines for working with the Reiki energy

  • A discussion about Reiki attunement and continuing Initiations

  • How Reiki heals

  • Who and where to offer Reiki

  • Discussion about the Reiki Principles

  • Suggestions for enhancing your Reiki practice: Crystals, Oils, Flower Essences, Music, and Incense, the healing setting

  • Being open to Intuitive Guidance, and

  • The 21 Day Cleanse process and what to expect from it

Attunement will be given prior to the practice session.

Practice session under Reiki I includes practicing the Hand-Positions for Self-Healing and for Healing Others

Topics Covered in Reiki I Class

  • What is Reiki?,

  • History and Background,

  • Reiki Symbols,

  • How does Reiki empower you?,

  • Do you need to know specifically where to send the Reiki energy?, and

  • Six Guidelines.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a system of laying on of hands, and is one of the most powerful of the many such systems available today.

The work Reiki (pronounced ray – key) comes from two Japanese words: “rei” which means “universal” and “ki” which means “life force.” Hence, Reiki is called Universal Life Force, another word for God Energy.

History and Background

We study the history and background information of when Reiki was “received,” how it was promoted, and how it spread to the Western part of the world, and also why it was discredited and how that became rectified.

The Reiki that we study is the Usui method, originating with Dr. Mikao Usui. There are hundreds of other Reiki traditions, each having their own specific origin, each associated with a particular master.

While meditating underneath a waterfall that was known to open the crown chakra, Dr. Usui felt a powerful new energy enter his body and saw a group of symbols in his mind’s eye - those that form the basis of the symbols that are used in Usui Reiki. He tried the energy on himself, then came home and shared it with members of his family, then decided to share it with the others.

Reiki Symbols

In the beginning, the Reiki symbols were very mysterious and were passed down visually. Nothing was in writing. Teachers taught students who had to memorize the symbols.

Diane Stein changed all that with the publication of her book, Essential Reiki: A Complete Guide to an Ancient Healing Art, in 1995. She published her experiences with her healing practice, all the Reiki symbols and variations, as well as the basic hand placements for healing self and others.

She took the “mystery” out of the Reiki process which, in turn, helped to spread Reiki around the world.

In Reiki I, you will receive the first Reiki symbol.

How Does Reiki Empower You?

Reiki is not similar to any other energy. It is difficult to describe, because it is different for each person, but most people feel a gentle flow of electrical impulse that is both soothing and stimulating at the same time.

You may feel a slight tingle, you may feel nothing. You may have an electrical impulse, sensations of movement within your hands or body, warm or cold feelings, buzzing, jabbing, or a very smooth gentle flow. You may feel nothing at all. All is “correct.”

As you feel the Reiki energy flowing into you, you will never be the same. You just have to feel it one time to know that this is something so profound and so wonderful that you never want to be without it. Most practitioners give themselves Reiki every day to affect their own healing.

Remember that all healing is self-healing. You receive as you give. You are the “channel” for the energy.

Do you need to know specifically where to send the Reiki energy?

Reiki has an intelligence of its own. It does not need to be directed. It will go to the place and to the person who needs it.

You may feel the need to send Reiki long distance to someone who needs it, who is not willing to accept it. The Higher Self will direct the energy to the place it is needed the most. No attempt at healing is “lost.”

I will often send Reiki to the “hot spots” of the world, the areas that have the most strife, especially now, and to the most sentient beings on the planet, the whales and the dolphins, the caretakers of the oceans and to the elephants and the bears, the caretakers of the land and to Mother Earth.

Six Guidelines

In Reiki I, I give you Six Guidelines for working with the Reiki energy.

Additional Information

Additional information about Reiki: how to use it wisely, in the event of energy depletion, how Reiki heals, enhancing medical treatment, saying Grace with Reiki.

The Attunement is completed prior to the practice session, in order to empower you for the practice session.

After the practice sessions, a discussion of the Reiki Principles, suggestions for enhancing your practice and the 21-day cleanse.

There is a nice balance of hands-on healing with discussion.

The class starts promptly at 9 am and will last through 6pm. I ask the students to gather between 8:45 and 9:00 am. Please allow sufficient time to integrate the work after class. I try very hard to get you out at 6pm, but sometimes, we run over. It is a very full day, filled with new energy. You will feel better at the end of the day.

Reiki II Training & Certification

Topics Covered in Reiki II Class

Under Reiki II – The information you will receive:

  • Discussion about the Reiki II, SECOND DEGREE HEALING ENERGY and how it is an entirely different vibrational energy than First Degree

  • POLARITY BALANCING and why Disease (dis-ease) results from blockage or imbalance of this flow

  • WHAT CAN BE TREATED? Stories abound about Reiki helping to heal virtually every known illness and injury including serious problems.

  • THE AURA –Our connection to God - Learning about the aura, the multiple layers of “subtle bodies,” each layer connecting to the major chakras. Learning how far the Aura extends and how Reiki affects it. Utilizing intuition in healing

  • THE AURIC FIELD AND SCANNING – Learning the fine art of Scanning – both starting from the body and scanning outward, or from the top and scanning toward the body. Scanning the energy field is very important because the causes of most illnesses are in the aura, before they become problems in the physical body

  • SELF-SCANNING – Practicing self-scanning, looking for distortions and administering Reiki to ourselves when we find them. Self-scanning can bring into consciousness aspects of yourself that you were not aware of. You will get to know yourself better

  • BEAMING ACROSS THE ROOM – Practice session using the emotional healing symbol to beam Reiki to your client from across the room. This can dramatically increase healing. Learning how this unique healing process treats the aura

  • TREATING OTHERS – DISTANCE HEALING – Utilizing the symbol for Healing at a Distance to make contact with a person who is not in your physical presence. The distance is not important, for time or space is non-existent in spiritual reality. Distance healing is governed by a Divine law of healing: Thy will be done not mine. This law translates to say that unless the person will consciously utilize the healing energy, the BASIC REQUIREMENTS SENDING DISTANCE HEALING. Please bring a picture to class is you wish of the person you want to send distance healing to.

Reiki II focuses on scanning and beaming energy and utilizes two additional power symbols for healing: one for emotional healing and purification, one for distance healing and accessing the Akasic Records.

Reiki II Symbols

Review the Reiki I power symbol, and learn two new power symbols for Reiki II:

  • Review the CHO-KU-REI * Cho-Koo-Ray) - the power symbol from Reiki I,

  • SEI-HE-KI - for emotional healing, clearing, purification, and protection,

  • HON-SHE-ZE-SHO-NEN - for distance healing, the Akashic Records, and Past-Present-Future * (Hahn Sha Zey Sho Nen).

Special Topics in Reiki II

When Reiki Does Not Seem to Work

Becoming unattached to the outcome.

Healing and the Law

The laws of the United States allow healing (touching the body of another person) to be performed by licensed physicians, nurses, massage therapists, physical therapists, and ministers when charging for our services. This does not apply when offering the services for free.

Chakras and Subtle Bodies

Reviewing the composition of our Aura: the Chakras, a Sanskrit word (the sacred language of India) which means Wheels of Light, the spinning vortexes of energy that are found on our bodies, both in the front and in the back, and top and bottom, and the energy system attached to the Chakras, the subtle bodies.

The Reiki II Attunement Process

The Reiki II Attunement Process is the ceremonial procedure by which the Reiki student becomes a Reiki healer. This is a simple laying-on of hands from the teacher to the student that then allows the student to receive the Reiki energy, Universal Life Force.

After the Attunement: The 21-Day Cleanse Process

After the attunement process in each of the Reiki Degrees, you may undergo outward signs, some of which include: dreams, “strange feelings,” emotional changes, or physical changes such as detoxification or “favorite foods” losing their importance in your life, or an aversion to alcohol or meat. These are just a few of the possible symptoms of the change which may occur.

Class Details

The class starts promptly at 9 am and will last through 6pm. I ask the students to gather between 8:45 and 9:00 am.

Please allow sufficient time to integrate the work after class. I try very hard to get you out at 6pm, but sometimes, we run over.

You Reiki II training is a very full day, filled with new energy. You will feel better by the close of the day.

Reiki III Training & Certification

What Will I Learn in Reiki III?

In the Reiki III training and certification class, you will learn new topics as well as reviewing previous material:

  • A Brief Introduction to Reiki - reiterating the history of Reiki,

  • Scientific Explanation of Reiki - as communicated by William Rand. (Note: Even Dr. Usui had a hard time defining what Reiki was. He knew it was there but could not describe it. For him, it could not be reasoned nor explained. It existed as one pure moment of experience. When the Reiki energy starts to flow, it flows. In the moment when there is no distinction between you and the loving feeling of the flow, then you know what Reiki is, for there is nothing else to know, to explain, or to do.

  • Reiki - First Degree - works on the physical body,

  • Reiki - Second Degree - works inside the cells, and

  • Reiki - Third Degree (Reiki Master) - Works in the auric field outside the cells.

Japanese Reiki Techniques - The Usui Tradition

We will cover the Japanese Reiki techniques as taught by Dr. Usui, along with their application to today’s practice.

According to Frank Petter, the following are some of the techniques that were used by Dr. Usui to train his Reiki students:

  1. Gassho Meditation - means two hands coming together; The First Pillar of Reiki.

  2. Reiji-Ho - means indication of the Spirit; this meditation technique is called the Second Pillar of Reiki - this process prepares the practitioner to give a Reiki treatment,

  3. Chiryo (Chileo) - means treatment; this meditation technique is called the Third Pillar of Reiki - Dr. Usui taught that during this treatment, one would rely on one’s inner guidance rather than a predetermined set of hand positions,

  4. Koki-Ho - means breathing symbols to heal,

  5. Gyoshi-Ho - means using eyes to send Reiki,

  6. Enkaku Chiryo - means sending long distance treatment, and

  7. The Tanden - The Tanden is the center of the body, the seat of a person’s vitality and power.

The Healing Crisis

We will discuss the healing crisis – an explanation of it and what to do when it happens

A client may reach a turning point - a dynamic tension between the incoming positive healing energies struggling to reassert themselves, attempting to bring the client back into wholeness - after the negative energies have been released.

As the old stagnant energy leaves the body, old symptoms may return and current symptoms may be exacerbated.

Spirit Helpers

Wherever humans are, there are Spirit Beings.

The highest beings of Light who have a vested interest in a person’s healing.

  • Increasing spiritual awareness and psychic experience,

  • Widening our perception - the importance of widening our perception of the Spiritual realm and its role within our physical life,

  • Meeting and working with Spirit Guides, and

  • Angels - Messengers from God.

About Working with Angels

There are a variety of angels who guide, guard, heal and minister to the needs of the universe depending on their type of service.

The nine choirs of angels are: Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones, Dominations, Virtues, Powers, Principalities, Archangels, and Angels. We will learn what issues these different Angels are concerned with on this planet, or in our universe.

Auras and Reiki

We will cover:

  • Aura and the Chakras - Review,

  • Aura balancing and cleaning - techniques for balancing and cleansing, and

  • Fueling our Chakras - drawing energy from our surroundings; colors act as nature’s food for the soul.

Procedure for a Reiki Session

Learn how to give a Reiki Session:

  • Additional Preparations - can be done prior to the client coming to the healing session,

  • Giving Reiki During Meditation,

  • Learning additional Healing Methods - to assist in the Reiki.

Reiki Symbols

  • Tibetan Buddhist Definition of the Five Reiki Symbols,

  • Review of the three Reiki symbols - received during previous Reiki trainings (Reiki I & II),

  • Two New Symbols - used for healing,

  • Dai-Ko-Myo - Reiki definition: Healing the soul , and

  • Raku – Reiki definition: Lightning bolt, Completion, Grounding.

Advanced Reiki Techniques - Utilizing Crystals and Minerals

Crystals and minerals play an important role in advanced Reiki techniques.

Topics will include:

  • Overview of Reiki healing with crystals,

  • Cleansing and Blessing,

  • Crystal Healing, and

  • The Reiki Grid.

Crystals and Healing with Reiki

Learn about man’s awareness of the benefits of Crystals and using them to achieve changes of energy, as a form of protection and a booster for courage. Various cultures used crystals and other gem stones as adornment, in a protective role, and for amplifying energy. The energies from the Crystal and Mineral Kingdom, especially Quartz, are used in many ways.

Cleansing and Blessings

For the Crystals to work effectively, they must be cleansed and blessed.

Crystal Healing

Intention is necessary for Reiki to flow, conscious or unconscious.

The Reiki Grid

Creating a Grid or pattern using eight crystals and charging them with Reiki energy so that they continuously send Reiki to your or anyone else whose picture or name you place in the Grid. This advanced technique is more effective than the use of a single crystal and can be send to send Reiki to many people and situations at the same time.

  • Cleansing and charging the crystals - using Reiki to cleanse and charge crystals prior to assembling the Reiki Grid,

  • Preparing the Grid - choosing eight crystals, asking for guidance in finding those that would work best in your Reiki Grid: six crystals for the outside, one for the center, and one to use as a master crystal wand,

  • Bring a picture of yourself or anyone/situation - choose a focus for whom you wish to send healing to during the day's exercise.